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         November 2011

The Gifts In-Between

There are spaces and places that occur in between the moments of our life, our thoughts, and our activities. This is when we can touch who we are – touch the larger universe.

When we are in-between the larger moments, in the special and sacred space they offer, we feel free, unconstrained, full of hope, and joyful. We feel unlimited trust and a knowing that all is fine.

How do you connect with what lies in-between? Remove that which is distracting and limiting from your conscious and subconscious. When I transform density inside of me, or facilitate a client in the process, the result is a significant uplifting. We feel lighter, brighter, joyful, and magnificent!

When you clear yourself of baggage that is weighing you down – your habitual negative thoughts and emotions – it makes room for a new lighter, softer energy to be part of you. This enables you be fully in the present moment, basking in the special in-between moments.

If you are stuck in the past or too focused on the future, it is hard to allow and be in the present. It is hard to experience those special spaces in your life. It is in the present that all things of magnificence occur.

The present moment is the only thing that is real and true besides God’s love. The past is not real as it is a perception of a memory, and the future is not real as you have not experienced it yet!

So let’s get into the present! Let’s experience magnificence!

It may seem challenging in our busy life, but it really isn’t; just allow yourself the time and space to go there, it only takes a few moments.

Often I hear, “I cannot waste 15 or 20 minutes to meditate or to slow down, there is too much to do.”  However, those 20 minutes spent in the space of magnificence is of more value than returning a phone call, or looking over emails. In addition, when we honor the moments in-between we are aiding to our well-being by decreasing stress, health problems, anger, and depression.

Sayings that have held the test of time often hold meanings that are true and important. ‘Stop and smell the roses,’ means to take the time to just be and appreciate what lies in-between.

This holiday season give yourself the gift of the moments that are in-between.  Consciously take the time to slow down, and in those slowed down moments throw out any distracting thoughts or emotions to focus on being present.  Give yourself the time and space to be quiet for a few minutes each day. That is a gift that keeps giving as it also harnesses your ability to be balanced throughout the holiday.
Alternately, slow down and be present for loved ones by really listening to them – what a gift to give!

When you are in the moment, the gifts of the in-between are boundless!  The more time you spend there, the more you receive!

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