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          November 2010

The Essence of Angels

Several years ago, during a session with a colleague and client of mine, something extraordinary happened. What started as a healing session lead us to an experience within the angelic realms. The experience was exceptional, and the information we received was very enlightening.

The most vital piece of information we learned is that the essential energy of angels is that of awareness.  An angel’s energy – their being – is simply ‘pure awareness’.

This is very profound. Take a minute and ponder this. What would it look like and feel like to be pure awareness?

If I was pure awareness:
I would be alert to recognize and receive information, stimuli, messages, help, gifts, and communications coming from all people, beings, animals, plants, the earth, and the spirit world.

I would be totally in the present moment. (How could one be aware if they were lost in the past or the future, or within their own thoughts?)

I would feel and receive knowing through all of my senses, including touch.

I would have no boundaries, no conditions, no requirements, no methods, and no judgments.

I would not automatically react; I would choose all my thoughts, and emotions.

I would be still within my center.

I would be compassion, acceptance, unconditional love, and peace. I would be balanced, centered, and focused.

I would take intuition and turn it into action in an instant.

I could reach out and touch / help someone energetically.

I would transcend this planet.

I would fly and be wherever in a second.

I would be an angel.

With the holidays fast approaching, I am reminded that for many this time ends up being one of exhaustion and stress.  What a difference you could make for yourself and others by just embodying one aspect of pure awareness. Try practicing being still within yourself despite what is going on around you. This is a great gift to your body and soul, but it also provides a calmness of being to someone who may really need it. Making a commitment to be truly present for whomever you’re with in each moment - truly listening to them - is another angelic gift that you could offer to our world this year. Become an angel for our planet by taking steps to raise your awareness. (The list above is a great place to start!) Give yourself and those around you an angelic gift by bringing in one aspect of awareness to your way of being this holiday season.

May the joy of pure awareness touch your life and your heart!

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