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         November 2009

The Benefits of Being Grateful for Today

When will my life be exactly as I want it to be? Have you ever thought this, dreamed this, or wanted it to be so? Have you waited for it to happen, only to find yourself frustrated when it didn’t happen?

Maybe that is not what your life is supposed to be like. Maybe you are supposed to be happy each day with what you have today.
And guess what? When we are filled with gratitude, enjoying the present moment, we open the door for a very good thing to happen. If we always are striving for tomorrow we miss today. When we want what we don’t have, we miss enjoying all that we do have. When we are grateful for the good things around us, it creates an opening for the next step or phase to enter.

At one point, I intended for an easy, simple, abundant life where I would have time each week for meditation, walks with my dog, yoga, Pilates, Qigong, chakra work, along with preparing, cooking and eating healthy foods. I had an idea of what I wanted it to be like, and I kept waiting for it to occur.

After a long time into the process, I realized that although my life was not my vision of how I wanted it to be, I was able to incorporate all of the items on my list, and build my work day around them. Yes, I was still working a lot and my income was not what I wanted or needed, but I had a lifestyle that incorporated my cherished activities, and I was able to pay my bills.

Upon this realization, I felt overwhelming gratitude. I made the conscious choice to enjoy this wonderful life, versus wait for ‘my’ ideal one. I really started to enjoy my life and myself. Each day became a blessing and a joy. When we are so busy looking forward to our vision of what we want, we often miss what is so wonderful about today.

The best part of my story is that once the new rhythm of enjoying each day with gratitude became the norm, the gifts started flowing in. Some of them were very small, but were needed or were special to me.  Some of the gifts were more significant and helpful. What is important to note is that I was in the present moment enough to see them and act on them. If you are not in the present, not only do you miss the joy of the moment, but you could also miss out on your potential gifts.

What is the best way to bring in the new? Enjoy and be grateful for all that is today.

Gratitude is a wonderful energy.  Its vibration is high and pure; it supports health and manifestation.  When this energy fills us, it helps create the world we would like to see, the life that we would like to live.

The formula is simple: Enjoy the present and be grateful for it. Set intentions with trust for tomorrow, without expectation, longing, or neediness. Simply thank God and then focus on enjoying each day.  Good things most certainly will come back to you, but know that they may come in a slightly different package – a package you attracted through gratitude!

You deserve the best.
Know that you are worthy.  
Enjoy your life each day with gratitude.

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