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Migraines Transformed in 3 Cellular Level Energy Sessions!

In 2007 Barbara was ready to try something new. After years of experiencing chronic migraines that radiated outwards from the back of her neck – she reached out to Healing Path with Alice McCall.

“The migraines in my neck were debilitating,” Barbara shares. “I was throwing up from them. I could not function with them. The migraines were constant. Nothing I was doing to address them was helping. I was going to chiropractors and doctors, and the medications prescribed caused me to have acid reflux.”

“Their response was to give me another medication for that. And when the acid reflux medication resulted in additional health concerns, they wanted to give me a third medication. I decided I had to stop that unhealthy cycle and try something different."

The approach Barbara choose was Cellular Level Healing® facilitated through guided meditation. Ms. McCall with Healing Path says, "The purpose of this approach is to discover and energetically transform what someone is holding onto in the cells of their body, which can manifest as a health issue. Once accomplished, the body is able to return to its healthy self."

The premise of this work is that beliefs held at the cellular level can manifest into health issues and disease. Those beliefs are created when one holds onto a negative thought, emotion, or memory – at any point in their life. These beliefs are automatically held in the cells of the body as dense, dark, heavy energy. Over time, this dense energy can cause disruption in the area it’s held – leading to pain, the inability to fight disease, and general issues of wellbeing.

Often, health issues share common energies. For migraines, recurring themes of not feeling accepted, acknowledged, or validated are often addressed through energy work. While no two people are exactly alike, common themes remain. “In working with clients with migraines, there is a lot of commonality in the negative beliefs that are at the core of the issue,” shares McCall. “Often clients express tendencies to overwork themselves, a dislike of being driven by external demands, are hypersensitive to criticism, internalize negativity, and have unresolved anger. Although I work with each client individually to uncover any deeply held beliefs attributing to their migraines, these are powerful examples of how our thoughts, emotions, and memories affect our health.”

Once the causes are identified during a guided meditation, they are transformed into the corresponding positive belief. The transformative process includes one's unconscious, subconscious, and conscious parts of self, helping to ensure that old patterns don’t return and paving the way for better wellbeing.

In 2009, Barbara participated in a video testimonial about services from Healing Path with Alice McCall. In it, she shares her experience utilizing Cellular Level Healing® for chronic migraines. She says, "Since I worked with Alice, I am not on any medication. I don't have debilitating migraines anymore. If I do start to get a pain in my neck, she has taught me to learn that literally there is something going on in my life that I feel is ‘a pain in my neck’. She also taught me to sit down in a calm place and think about what is going on that makes me feel this way. When I acknowledge what is causing me to feel like ‘it is a pain in my neck,’ the pain goes away. It's just amazing."

Barbara has continued to use cellular level transformation with positive results to approach other issues including, eliminating many fears and panic, along with other health concerns.

At the time of this article, it has been over 10 years since Barbara used Healing Path to transform the migraine in the rear of her neck. The debilitating chronic issue has not returned. Barbara says, “I can't rave enough about Alice, she truly is a Godsend to me. I don't know what my health and my life would have been like without this amazing transformation of my former intense and painful migraines."

If you have migraines, chronic headaches, or other health concerns - take advantage of Healing Path's free 30-minute consultation to learn how transformational energy work at the cellular level of your body can help you. Free consultations are available via phone within the US and via Skype internationally. Email alice@healingpath.info to learn more.

Contact Alice to learn how she can help you master this topic - or transform other health, emotion, and spiritual issues.  Free consultations are offered to all new clients to learn how Alice's work is directly tailored to address your areas of concern. Don't wait - step onto your Healing Path today!

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