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        May 2017

Move from Victim to Empowered!

It is important to embrace empowered living, because without it, you might find yourself in victim mode.

Does victim mode apply to your life?

You may be thinking, “I am not a victim!” Before you stop reading, consider the complete meaning of being in victim mode.

Do you feel empowered in all parts of your life, or do you allow others or circumstances to have authority over you? Do you find yourself in situations that you feel used, manipulated, or like a doormat? Do you feel un-respected, un- appreciated, or not heard in all parts of your life? These are part of victim mode and are signs that you need to take back your personal power.

Empowered isn’t about control or being aggressive. Empowered is being comfortable with your true self and knowing who you really are - a divine spiritual being having a human experience. You are not your body, emotions, or mind. Those are just your temple or vehicle for this life. You are a spiritual being.

Complete empowerment is mastering being comfortable with your true self and being responsible for your whole life, including your choices. It means speaking up for yourself – not as an angry warrior, but in a firm yet compassionate manner with a calm center. It means being okay saying, “This does not feel right to me; I do not want to do it,” if others seem to be pressuring you, for example.

The first realization that is required for empowerment is making sure you are looking for authority, direction, and affirmation from within yourself. When we focus on outside sources – their needs, desires, and approval – we are giving away our power to someone else’s wants.

When you look outside of yourself for self definition and self worth, you are giving your power away and setting yourself up to be a victim. Society has trained you to be a victim. You have been taught to give your power away.

One small example of how subtle & pervasive this is: How often have you said or heard someone else say – “I have to get up and go to work tomorrow”? When you say ‘I have to,’ you are making a victim statement. No one forces an adult to get up and go to work. The truth is, you choose to go to work because you choose to not have the consequences of not going!

To say ‘I choose’ is both the truth and empowering. When we HAVE to do something, we feel like a victim – which can lead to anger and irritability with yourself and others. We want to punish those who we perceive as making us do something, when it is really our choice.

Remember, we always have a choice and choice is the engine of our evolution. Even if the choice seems undesirable we still have choice. Don’t buy into the illusion that we are trapped without choice, or that we will have far worse consequences in the long run.

Taking responsibility for all of your life experiences moves you into spiritual empowerment and optimum health! Living as a victim, wanting someone to take care of you because you feel inadequate, as an example, is a low vibrating dense energy. “I am a victim – I need others to help me make choices.” Can you feel the deflating and defeated energy of that? And then there is, “I am empowered. I stand tall and take responsibility for me and my life experiences.” Can you feel the uplifting nature of that way of being – it is almost like you grew taller.

To move into empowerment, it is important to get in touch with who you really are. But before that can be done, we must transform the victim patterns and energy. It is important to get rid of the old in order to have room for the new to take hold and blossom within us.

Ask yourself: What are my victim patterns? Why am I holding on to them? How do I think they serve me?

Once you discover and acknowledge your patterns, take the time in a contemplative state to get rid of them and shift them into something better, healthier, and empowering for you. Take time to forgive those who you felt did something to you, taking your power back in those situations. Lastly, forgive yourself.

Then, symbolically pull back your personal power that you have given away to others and things that are outside of you.

Why is this important? When you allow someone to have control or authority over you, you are usurping your own personal power. Reclaiming it is huge, as it is your energy and you have a right to have it back. You will feel so much better when you complete this work. If you have completed similar work in the past, revisiting it is important to clear any residue that might remain.

Say to yourself: “I know who I am - a divine, empowered, spiritual being. I am not separate from my spiritual self; I am my highest sacred self. I am not separate from God; I am one with God. I create my own reality.”

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