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         May 2014

Timing Can Impact Manifestation

How do you feel when you focus on positive intentions, but they do not manifest? If you have been manifesting with trust for a long time, you probably feel let down, unsupported, or even betrayed.

This is a difficult topic and a difficult experience. I know I have been there many times.

First, ask yourself, “Have I done the inner work to discover and transform anything within me (old beliefs, thoughts, fears, etc.) that could be limiting my ability to manifest what I desire?” If you have done the work to clear your limiting thoughts and beliefs then it’s time for step two.

Secondly, reassess how you phrase your intention. If the phrasing is very narrow or specific, you could be getting in your own way. It is fine to state your desire and why it is important, but it is equally important to include phrases like “I intend for this or something even better.” The Universe may have a different, better, or broader way to meet your intentions instead of the limited route you have in mind. Create an opening for alternative solutions, and be open to what comes. My preference is to add the phrase, ‘thank you for this or something even better,’ to all of my intention work.

If you are still unable to manifest your intentions after these two important steps, then the answer may lie in our limited ability to see outside ourselves.

Sometimes, despite positive intentions, the desire of the Universe, and spiritual helpers to make it happen, it does not happen. There you have it. Not what you want to hear. I don’t like hearing it either. But it is true.

In the process of co-creation it is important to intend your desire and trust that the Universe will bring it forth into manifestation. Often it is easy to overlook how in order for something to truly manifest, all the puzzle pieces need to be aligned just right. You, and other people who need to leave, arrive, move, sell, etc, need to be in the right place for your intention to materialize. Why is this important?

We all live in a world of choice. Everyone is constantly creating their destiny through their thoughts and emotions, even if they don’t realize it. So, when you intend and trust, sometimes the answer part of the equation is still doing something else – which appears to cause a timing flaw for your situation.

Let me give an example: You intended for a perfect career position. There was a need for you to be in this new position by a certain date due to financial reasons. The date gets closer and closer, yet there is still isn’t an opportunity that fits.

It would be easy to feel disappointed. “I trusted and it did not happen. I am a good person, why me?”

What could be the reason? There is a perfect job, but it did not become available in your time frame, due to the other people who are involved. For instance, the person who was planning on leaving the job that was perfect for you, suddenly decided to buckle down and try to make it work for another month, or the head of the HR department had an accident and was out of commission for several weeks.

Without understanding these details, which we are often not privy to, it is easy to feel dejected and let down. But when this happens, you are still taken care of, even when it isn’t how you thought you wanted it to be.

In this scenario, you might find a less desirable job that allows you to support yourself, and then a few months later the job that was always destined for you becomes yours.

Timing also has to do with your spiritual journey. Maybe it is all coming together in a certain way to help you master patience and trust. Maybe it is creating the space to have another important experience that allows you to grow spiritually. Maybe your higher self is telling you that this idea is not the best path for you or for the highest good of all. These concepts should be explored when a situation like this occurs.

It is important to focus on your vision of what you desire to help bring it forward. If it does not seem to be manifesting, allow the Universe time to work out the kinks. Your heart’s desire will manifest in physical form, but sometimes it is on the Universe’s timeframe, and it might be different from what you expected. Remember that no matter how things turn out, it will always be perfect for you and your journey!

Note from Alice: I would love to help you fine tune your manifestation efforts. Please contact me to set up a free consultation to discuss how I can help you with your specific situations.

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