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         May 2011

Spiritual Ascension Tips

Spiritually we all want to ascend to the highest level. This article is to help us recognize what can get in our way, preventing us from reaching that goal; the small things that can interfere despite your dedication and vigilance. I hope this article is especially helpful for those that are are committed to the path of spiritual ascension.

First and foremost, the thing that most prevents us from attaining spiritual growth is ourselves. Our own ego-based habit way of being, along with density from negative thoughts, emotions, and patterns from this lifetime and even before this lifetime greatly hinder our ability to ingrate these powerful changes into each part of our being.  To accelerate the process and achieve a higher vibratory state the inner-work must be done to locate and transmute these habits, patterns, and density. Assistance from a professional healing facilitator is highly recommended. There is absolutely no way to grow and ascend to your full potential spiritually without this important work and its complimentary partner self-mastery.

It is a conscious choice to do this work on an ongoing basis – removing layers, upon layers of density, along with consciously working on mastering our thoughts and emotions. This is a way of life and an ongoing practice for many on the spiritual path.

What can interfere with your body’s ability to hold onto the highest energies possible?

As we experience higher vibrations, foods that have long been a part of our diet can affect us differently. An intolerance for gluten/wheat and an increased inability to process sugar are common occurrences for those on this path. Eliminating these foods from our diets is recommended, as it is hard for higher vibrating energies to co-exist with the heaviness of wheat/gluten and sugar.

The same thing is true of any foods that are lower vibrating foods, such as meat and dairy.  To assist with holding onto higher vibrations and assisting our chakras (energy centers within the body) to maintain health and vitality eat foods like vegetables, seeds, nuts, and fruits, along with healthy grains like quinoa, millet, and brown rice. All of these foods not only encourage spiritual health, but they are much healthier for your body.

Adding trace minerals to your diet through foods like seaweed and spirulina, along with foods that are high in electrolytes like coconut water, further supports a higher vibratory state.

Why is it important and beneficial to hold onto a higher vibration within your being? Without these energies, it is harder to feel joyful and happy for any extended period.

Also, there are more and more serious toxins like radiation and nuclear fall-out in the world’s air that can be combated by holding onto a higher frequency. The vibration of love is the highest and can offset the vibration of most anything else – but it takes commitment, practice, and mastery. Don’t be discouraged, because every step of the way you will see great progress.

Remember that you have control through your continual commitment, your mind/emotion mastery, your diet, and your intention.
I hope that these simple thoughts aid you in your journey.

Love & Blessings – Alice

Note from Alice: Besides raising the vibratory rate in your body seaweed, especially kelp and spirulina, can help counteract radiation in your body if used regularly as a supplement. Kelp is best taken in powdered form added to green smoothie drinks or in capsules, as it has a strong taste on its own. Another food that helps detox radiation from your body is miso. It can be purchased either as a paste or as a dried powder at most health food stores. Add it directly to warm water to make a broth or soup base. All of these may be preferable to adding a potassium iodide supplement for radiation detoxing, as they bring many other health benefits to your body and are natural foods. As always, I encourage your own research in matters such as this.

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