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         May 2010

Feeling Overwhelmed? 
Slow it down

I’ve talked to so many people lately that are overwhelmed by life, the pace of life, and the amount of activity that is expended each day. Even though we work tirelessly and frenetically, the result is that there is still a pile of things left to do.  Often when this happens, we become overwhelmed, thinking that we will never get caught up.

This leaves us feeling powerless. The more the work piles up, the harder it is to make ourselves tackle it… and then it gets worse as we are unable to address it. This cycle continues, until, for example, we have paperwork and bills that have been untouched for 3-6 months! This leaves us feeling paralyzed and stuck, unable to do anything. Will we ever get the work done? Will we ever have a peaceful routine, with the ability to manage our life?

I know all about this, as I have been there myself. So, I want to share some practical tips to help. When the feeling of paralysis starts entering your space…

1. Slow everything down. Stop as many activities/actions as you can. Do you really have to do all the things you think you do? Return all the calls?  Follow up with all the actions? Instigate all the new activity? Can you call and cancel, or postpone an obligation to create some breathing room? Do you really want to do, and have to do, all that is on your expectation plate?

Pretend an emergency has happened. If it did, wouldn’t you be able to clear you plate? This is an emergency – it is your personal emergency. Treat it the same way. Then do the minimum yourself, and set the intention for God and the universe to support a slowing of all outside activities for you. It is amazing, but it works. Once it does, you will have the space to change what’s going on, and tackle your problem area(s).

2. Honor whatever feelings you are experiencing. It’s probable that you will be feeling spaced out, and finding it hard to function on the physical plane. Yield to this – be with it. It is okay. Be in touch with your feelings, spend time with them and honor them.

3. Address why you feel the way you do. Once you have spent time with your feelings, it is time to explore why they exist. Limitation is a great teacher. If we have brought ourselves to a point of being so paralyzed, so limited, there is probably something about us, our thoughts or our beliefs that we need to address. If that something is playing havoc with us, chances are it is something that we have disowned on a conscious level, but is playing itself out on a subconscious level. So, we need to identify this, own it, clear, and cleanse it. The act of doing this, usually funds the will and the strength needed to proceed. The recognition that something about you is in need of adjustment will disperse the darkness and provide an opening for a new beginning.

4. Create a new image of yourself, within yourself. If you strive to be different, to have your life different, it starts with you. Change your mind. Create a new image of yourself within your thoughts. Let go of beliefs and patterns that no longer serve your best interest. Keep your goal at the forefront of your mind. Take your guidance from within.  Be calm, patient, and steady. Be assured of your success.

5. Enjoy the present. Be joyful. Take a break. Do something to pamper yourself. Whether you realize it or not, if you have gotten to this point, you have done a lot of very important work. It is time to take a break and do something fun. Experience the joy of being in the present moment, versus in the ‘have to do’s’. Do whatever it is that you feel like doing. Be however it is that you want to be.
6. Move through your backed up work methodically. Now that you have allowed yourself a joyful moment, it is time to address the work that has daunted you on the physical plane. With a renewed energy, set the intention that you will tackle whatever it is that is overwhelming you easily, effortlessly, joyfully, and quickly.

Be methodical. Take it in bite-sized chunks. Start with the easy, and move to the difficult, or vice versa. Alternatively, sort what you have to do in categories first: A) must do right away, B.) this can wait, C.) I can let go of this, and forget it. Then take the A’s first. Set aside 2- 3 hours a day to do this until it is complete. Then do the B’s. It is amazing, but just sorting, helps to set up a mindset that this is doable; I am back in control!

7. Celebrate. You’ve really accomplished something big. Celebrate! Treat yourself with a reword for your success, something that is special for you! Also, include in your celebration thanksgiving to God for the universal support of your change.

And remember: if at anytime you feel things getting out of control or if you start to feel overwhelmed -- STOP, and intentionally slow everything down. It may seem scary to do, as we worry about not meeting deadlines, or expectations. However, I strongly suggest that you just try it.  When you do, you will see that it will all work out.

Until next time, remember, self love is the foundation for all. When in need of love and support, go within. Love yourself and nurture yourself. God Bless.

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