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        May 2016

How to Interpret a Meditation Experience

Most engage in meditation as a one way experience – by quieting themselves through breath work and sitting in silence, then focusing on stilling their busy thoughts.

Over time, many of us begin to want more from a meditation practice. There are two simple steps to boost your meditation experience: 1.) Set an intention for the purpose of each meditation - setting the direction for what will occur. 2) Begin each meditation by centering yourself within your heart - the seat of your personal wisdom and knowing.

As your meditation experiences progress, inevitably the next phase includes the desire to interpret your experiences.

Each of us receives information and guidance differently – whether it is through visuals, words, a keen sense of knowing, a smell, a sensation in your body, an emotion, or automatic writing – it is important to pay attention to what every meditation is trying to convey to you.

Your meditations can evolve from passively observing the experience, to an opportunity to interact with it. Ask questions to further understand the message. Open ended questions like, "What does this represent?” “What is the message for me?” “Why do I suddenly feel angry?” “Why is my stomach suddenly upset?” “Why do I keep getting the word ‘trust’?” all lead to personal answers and new insights for you.

Once you ask the question, relax and receive whatever comes. Be open to having a two-way dialogue with the inside of yourself. It is a process that takes practice, but the more you engage in this process, the easier it becomes and the more detailed the information will become. It takes time to learn the unique language of your soul and how to communicate effectively with it.

Some like to do additional research after a meditation. That could be spending time with sources about dream interpretations or animal totems - but it is important to only use what resonates with your own heart and soul.

Each meditation is different. Sometimes nothing is received and sometimes a lot is received. The guidance received could be simple and clear or it could need more probing. When you establish a practice of being interactive during your meditations, instead of passive, the information and decision making abilities multiply.
However, many of us find it difficult to use the received heart meditation guidance in our life – putting the guidance into action. It’s a process that requires moving into trust. How to trust and use heart meditation guidance will be featured in next month’s posted article.

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