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        May 2012

Let Your Inner Child Out to Play

I had a delightful experience about 6 years ago, while sitting in my garden. The energy of spring this year inspired me to share my journaling from that day. I hope it inspires you to embrace the endless beauty of being in the present moment!
Heady smells in my garden – jasmine, honeysuckle, gardenia, and olive tree. I breathe in the scent. At first, it tickles my nose. Then it starts me on a journey – a journey within myself.

The baby bird chirps for its food. The bees buzz among the honeysuckle. Wind chimes lightly ring from the faint afternoon breeze. Everything is as it should be - except for me.

I think, “Where do I fit in? Where is my place in this mosaic called life?”

I hear, “Your place is to be still. To let go. To accept all as it is.”

I ask, “Why is this so hard?”

I receive in my heart, “It feels hard because you have yet to truly let go.”

The phrase “Let go, let go now,” continually swirls in my head. It is followed by a clear call to be in the moment. I respond by letting go, sinking into a deep inner place where a butterfly lands on my minds eye, then turns into a bird. The entire moment turns yellow, and I sense the wee people and fairies in my garden.  My heart fills with love, and my energy lifts to one of lightness and fancy.

I hear, “We are the energy of fancy, can you not see? We are the playful whisper in your ear and heart.”  With that I allow myself to further release, lighten, and let go. As I do, I hear, “Come here. The fairies in your garden will lighten you up. Let your inner child out to play. Enjoy.”

I let my inner child out to play and I enjoyed every minute of it!
What an exquisite moment!  When I let go and allowed myself to have the fancy of a child, everything seemed to be beaming with sunshine and full of happiness. I still smile thinking of it.

It is easy to turn serious by not relaxing or not knowing how to let go. Our adult belief is that it’s impossible to allow ourselves to play, that we have too much that needs to be done to allow any time for it. Even when we do allow ourselves to ’play’ it is seldom with the pure unabashed lightness and fancy of a child.

When you honor yourself by letting go and enjoying the moment, God and your angels will take care of things. Everything still gets done somehow, someway.

Nothing can compare with the results from inviting more joyous moments into your life.  These moments are what your spirit needs to soar, your body needs to stay healthy, and your mind needs to renew. This is exactly what you are longing for.

Make time for play.  The fairies and wee people will join you, as they are always full of mirth and laughter. Let your inner child out to enjoy these delightful moments. Let this become part of your life, without restriction.

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