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Each month a new inspirational, spiritual, or educational article by Alice McCall is posted.
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        March 2017

A New Spiritual Practice:
Letting the breeze flow through you like a tree.

I love to watch the wind blowing easily and gently through the limbs of the trees.

It looks and feels so freeing – like they are gently cleared and rebalanced by the movement. It feels like the trees are communicating how they have been a little rigid in holding their posture, and now can sway, move, and feel whole again.

Do you allow yourself – who you really are - to be cleared and rebalanced? Just as the trees allow themselves to be moved, cleared, and freed up to sway – so can we.

The pivotal word is allow. The trees do not think about whether this the right thing to do, they embrace the movement. They allow the moment to bring it to stillness, gentle movement, or free flowing release into the present.

The trees offer us an example of how we don’t have to think and plan everything.

I make sure to set aside time to engage in personal spiritual practices every week – and some days I simply sit in the gentle breeze with nature and ask that all stuck energy be cleared, and for me to be gently rebalanced. Ahh… It feels so good. It isn’t an activity like meditation, journaling, or yoga – but instead is sitting in allowing. I just sit in my garden and allow the trees swaying in the breeze to inspire my spiritual moment.

What does this mean for our spiritual growth? It means that expansive new experiences have a powerful opening when we aren’t focused on completing a task. Instead of focusing on doing a specific spiritual discipline or activity – allow yourself to embrace the message of the moment.

Being disciplined or creating a routine to include spiritual practices reaps amazing gifts. When we start every day with tai chi, set aside time for meditation, or practice yoga or qigong – we maintain a spiritual flow. But overtime, when our focus is on making sure we do our routine of a particular spiritual practice each day at a certain time, we could miss powerful growth opportunities. It is important to honor spontaneity and powerful moments that call to us. Personally, I aim for a balance that feels and works best for my core self.

Give yourself permission to be organic with your ‘toolbox’ of spiritual practices. This means using them in the flow of your life as you are inspired to do so. It is important to let go of unhelpful guilt if you miss a day of your spiritual practice or to let go of your stress from over scheduling them. Instead, try simply to embrace your journey.

My balance occurs when I organically allow the moment to dictate my spiritual practice. One morning might start with qigong, tomorrow I could feel like journaling, and then the next day I find myself sitting in the garden to connect with all the alive and present energies there. When I allow this flow, it all seems to work out better for me. This is my balance.

We are being called to become free – free of all constraints and limitations. Let us acknowledge that most of these we establish for ourselves.
When I look at a tree who allows a gentle breeze to move its branches in the moment, I see and feel a happy tree. Try it. Observe it. The tree is happy to be moved in the moment!

Be that happy tree. Allow yourself to be and do what is best for you in each moment. There is no ‘one formula’ as my balance will look different than yours. We are all unique with our unique thoughts, feelings, habits, and journey. But you can allow the breeze of who you are to move you.

Utilize the spiritual and sacred practices that speak to you, that move you, as you are called to do so.

Tonight, I sit in my garden with my bare feet on the earth. I thought I was going here for renewal after a challenging day or maybe would receive some personal inspiration. However, I allowed the garden moment to unfold, and this wondrous article full of channeled wisdom came forth. I allowed the breeze of the moment to blow through me. Who knows when and where the gifts will arise!

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