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         March 2012

Your Life is Your Creation - It’s a Matter of Choice

A friend once told me, ‘life is a series of choices,’ and she is right! Like a decision tree with many branches, your choices can lead you unto different paths, experiences, and relationships.

If ten years ago, you chose A instead of B, your life today would be much different. In fact, the choices that you make today create the course for the rest of your life. However, that there are no wrong choices. Each choice leads you to learn something about yourself, your life, and your spiritual purpose.

We can feel out of control, bombarded with communications, information, and activities.  Nothing we planned or intended to do that day happened. Is life beyond control?

In the world’s big picture, you are not in control and this can be a tough pill to take. However, you do have a lot of control through choice. You have control though choosing what you think, what you focus on, and what emotions you engage in.  For instance, you can choose to spend every evening watching TV, or you can choose to use that time to connect with yourself, and God, manifesting the life you desire.  The simple gift of choice is the engine of your evolution.

Over a year ago, I was living along the coast of Northwest Florida.  I knew it was time for a change and there were many factors pushing me to settle somewhere new.  The enormity of choices and options of new places to call home was overwhelming. How could I make this choice?

The best perspective for making choices, both big and small, can be found by spending quiet time with your heart and soul, connected with the energy of your spiritual self. When you make a choice from a place of spiritual alignment, you are tapping into your ability to gauge the best choice for each situation in your life. You are able to have a clear vision of your self and the choice that is before you at a soul level, versus the conscious mind.

My spiritual self led me to choose the Western North Carolina mountains as my new home.  This choice has been influential for my personal, professional, and even spiritual self. It was the best possible choice for all areas of my life.

Your choices matter. Each time you think a thought, it is a choice to allow that thought’s existence. Thoughts string together to create moments; moments string together to create a lifetime. A single thought can make a big difference, echoing in the corners of your life. You can continually choose, moment by moment, how your life will be created by every thought you think.  Choose your thoughts carefully.

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