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         March 2007

Your Personal Mirror

Have you ever stopped and thought about what your life experiences and relationships are telling you, about you?

We know that we are the co-creator of our life. We know that what we hold onto inside reflects itself outside. Think about it.  Everyday of your life you have a fluid mirror of yourself and your life, if you take the time to notice and consider.

Let’s take a few examples. A colleague of mine told me recently that ironically his car kept needing a brake job - several times over the course of 1.5 years.   I asked what that told him about himself. He considered this, and then said “I guess I need to put on the brakes and slow down, as I am heading for a collision course.” He went on to share his possible collision course. I alternatively told him that for some odd reason I kept running out of gas – at least 4 times in less than 1 year! My consideration was that deep inside of me I held the thought that I couldn’t keep up – energy wise and idea wise. I told him that I felt that I was out of steam (a` la gas). These incidents forced me to look at my own thoughts and shift them.

Here are some more examples. Ruth is experiencing a stagnant period – like a limbo. This dynamic has been in place for almost 2 years, despite positive thoughts to the contrary. In consideration, she said that she felt trapped, in a vise, and unable to move forward. This thought played it self out in her life experience.

Jane experiences a controlling neighbor that refuses to back off in telling her exactly how her yard and landscaping should be done. It is continuous, despite positive relationships with all other neighbors. In consideration, Jane felt that maybe she still wanted things in her life to happen the way she wanted them to. That she was not open to things working out another way. Her neighbor’s control told her something about an aspect of herself.

Robert has been trying to sell some real estate for an unusually long time.   When exploring what this said about him, he stated, “I guess I feel that I cannot move forward with my desired new career until this sells. Maybe I should just move forward anyway.” Once Robert focused on his new career with fervor, the sale happened.

Sally keeps getting speeding tickets. They have occurred because she was daydreaming, talking on the phone, etc. Is her message to slow down and be more present in her life?

What do all these examples have in common?
Our thoughts and emotions play themselves out in our life and relationships.
All teach us something about ourselves. Possibly something that needs to or can be changed.
All can be changed by shifting the foundational (conscious or subconscious) thought that we are holding on to.

I have decided to consciously start viewing my life and relationships as my mirror, my helpful mirror. If there is a pattern, a dynamic or a relationship that is not what I would choose – I now stop and look into the mirror for the reflection of me. How am I causing the dynamic? What am I holding onto that I am not conscious of?  What does this person tell me about myself?
Once you are open to interacting with the mirror of your life, the universe can send you eloquent messages.

As I walked my dog recently, I looked out over a beautiful pond with a dock. The stillness of the scene in the early morning was striking. I told the Universe that I was open to receive information from my experiences today and to let it unfold. As I journeyed on,  my little dog kept going off the path and into areas that had interesting smells. After several times of doing this, she got two big burrs stuck in her paw, and couldn’t walk. As I bent down to remove the burrs I said to her, “See what happens when you don’t stay on the path?”

She stayed on the path after that. Later when we left the shade and entered the sunny part of the walk, she started to over heat. I noticed this and bent down to pick her up, and I said, “Don’t worry, I will always be here to help.”  In an instant, I realized the interaction was a mirror for me. “Don’t worry. When you stay on your path, God and the Universe will help you.” It was simple eloquence, and it was definitely relevant to me.

Start paying attention to your daily experiences and interactions.  Open yourself up for what the universe gives you. Take the time to consider what is mirrored for you. Take advantage of something that is perfectly tailored for you!

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