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        June 2013

Last month’s article “We want the new, but are stuck in the old…Why?” discussed the path way to self mastery - the personal journey that is fueled by our choices.

This month we will look even further into the idea of mastery and how we can welcome it into our lives.

Self Mastery: What keeps us from being all that we can be?

A daily commitment to change and to practice the way of mastery is needed to reach one’s full potential. It can be a daunting journey, which requires effort, time, and fearlessness.  Through this effort, we can become the great person we are destined to be.

When you step onto the path of choosing something different and practicing being it, you feel and know the rewards.  You know you cannot go back to the way of before - the way of unconsciousness - the way of no choice.

Here is an example of how this thinking can apply to all areas of our lives: At an earlier time in my life, I felt I had to go to the gym and work out 3-4 times a week, to control my weight and look a certain way. Sometimes, even with this routine, my expectation of how I should look or what I should weigh did not measure up to the effort I was putting in. The experience became a frustrating one.  As a result, it became really difficult to maintain a disciplined routine. I ultimately stopped working out all together.

After many years without an exercise routine, I realized I was not as healthy and strong as I wanted to be. I made a choice to work out twice a week for an hour just to feel better. I wanted a realistic amount of time that I could be disciplined about maintaining. I had no weight or appearance goals. I was choosing to show up and do my routine for the sake of doing it.

The result was that I became healthier, stronger. I also felt and looked better. However, that was never the goal, I just showed up and practiced. Every month or so, I was able to move to heavier weights and I could handle it with grace! As I showed up and practiced for the sake of practice, I got better at the task at hand.

Since then, I’ve transitioned from a traditional gym to Pilates, but the concept is the same. When I work out, my mind is clear of all distractions. I just work out. It is all I do in the span of that hour. I just go from one movement to the next until the task is complete. Each time I get better at it; my form, my breathing, and my strength work together to help me feel better.

This example is about the everyday rewards of doing what is best for you, following your mastery path without regards to a singular end result. I’m not doing Pilates with a narrow goal in mind, I’m doing Pilates because I know keeping with the routine is best for my overall health. Being in the moment of the routine, along with constantly fine tuning my movements is my only focus.

It is the same with all aspects of your life, even the thoughts that only you are privy to.  Thinking and speaking negative thoughts, being judgmental, or holding negative emotions is unhealthy for you and your environment. My mastery path is to choose to stop those thoughts and emotions every time I become conscious of them (many of these can be subconscious). In action, it could be stopping an automatic sentence in the middle of a conversation and changing what I say so it better reflects whom I want to be. Alternatively, it could be letting go of an intense frustration or anger towards another, forgiving them and myself, then replacing that emotion with something positive. These actions take a conscious commitment to practice the change that I want to become. Conscious practice will gradually bring a new habit way of speaking and thinking.

It is often hard to let go and to decide to be different. I invite you to “just try practicing” being a way that you know is better for you. Choose a way that is aligned with your spiritual self, your path, and your journey. Don’t choose to dramatically change your life or to achieve a certain goal. Just try practicing it as a new way of being.

Start now. Choose a way that is better for you to be. Then practice your choice on a regular basis. You will feel the difference, be the difference. This experience is one of growth, adventure, increased joy, and knowing. It leads you to experience being your own truth. Simply put the routine of practicing feels good to your mind, body, and spirit!

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