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         June 2009

Apathy Can Be A Good Thing!

Apathy seems to have a negative connotation. I know it had a negative connotation for me until recently. We think of apathy as not caring or not being motivated. Yet, the definition of apathy in the dictionary is ‘lack of interest or concern.’

Let’s look more closely at this. Maybe being apathetic means that what used to matter doesn’t matter any more. Maybe you no longer care what others think or about possessions. Maybe you have stopped being concerned and instead have just allowed things to be. And surprise - things no longer affect you. Now this can be a good thing!

I know lots of people who have shared similar sentiments. They do not care anymore and feel apathetic. They say they only have the energy and desire to just be - be still, be present, and to live simply without worries. Even if their life becomes spun up with situations out of their control, they still are able to just be. In a way, they just show up for their life each day and live it.

This principle is a part of all spiritual paths. Masters the world over impart the importance of not letting things affect you.  Perhaps apathy is a way that you could reach that place of truly letting go and just being. As long as you struggle to live and maintain in a world that is shifting and changing so rapidly, you will never get to 'being' and you will always feel exhausted. So, “I don’t care anymore, I just want health and peace,” is a good thing!

Apathy does bring a few surprising gifts. When you become a person that lacks worry, it places you in a higher vibrating space. It also supports your continual process of letting go of unwanted attachments. When you no longer care about much of anything, you become disentangled from 'much', which allows you to be much more in the moment. When you do not care about 'much', you are more out of the way and detached. In order to successfully manifest the life you want, it helps when you have no attachments.

I find it interesting that is always when you no longer care about having something, that it appears. When you no longer care if you meet a woman or man – you do! When you no longer care about trying so hard, unexpected support or opportunities arrive. It’s an emptying, before the filling.

When we are in apathy we are more aligned with our soul, making our creation inspired by our soul instead of from our human ego self. Experiences that make us feel like things are not going our way, force us to let go. They force us to stop caring. Think about it. Don’t the areas of your life where you have no strong opinions, seem to go along the best? Bingo! It’s because you have no attachments.

So if you are feeling apathetic, instead of worrying about it, why not embrace it? Why not let apathy take you to a place of letting go and being?

I received in one of my channeling meditations, “You dance a good dance. You smile a nice smile. You always speak positively. You appear to have this mastery thing nailed. Yet deep inside there is still the shred of doubt, fear, uncertainty, anger, and betrayal. Turn it all over to us. We will take it. We will transform it into that which you want. Let your higher self direct the show. Let your soul comfort you. Let your angels pull all of the strings.”

When you embrace apathy and let it take you to a place of letting go and being, you will be filled with a sense of calm and order. When you are detached and aligned with God – it fosters a sense of trust and knowing that everything is always in divine order, and nothing really matters anyway. God bless you.

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