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         July 2013

Living with Divine Flow

There is a place in everyone’s spiritual growth where we face a situation that may feel crippling or undoable. It puts a decision in front of us; freeze or flow.

The magic of ‘freeze or flow’ is that brings us to an important crossroads. It lays a choice in front of us that helps set the course of this life, and often the next. It creates an opportunity to release what binds us, to explore our divinity, and reassess our limitations.

We choose freeze by exploring our ego-based limitations, feeling like a victim, or being frustrated that God has not saved us. We stay focused on the limitations or what makes the situation wrong for us, frozen to a change that could be around the corner. The other common response is trying to find a seemingly appropriate channel to place blame; focusing on who or what was at fault instead of looking at how we need to change ourselves to move forward.

When one chooses ‘flow’ it creates a space for peace and balance to enter into the core of our being.
“I choose divine flow over limitation.” A powerful affirmation.

For many, the first of 2013 brought to the surface limiting issues. They presented themselves by making our body constricted, our mind unfocused, or our emotions became suddenly frustrated or angry. By acknowledging that these were self-limiting ‘freeze’ moments and choosing to be open to the divine flow instead, all could move right along. Almost immediately, our whole being came into balance.

Choosing and allowing divine flow in our lives, as our way of being, is critical to our ability to exist in a multidimensional manner. This can’t happen if we are inflexible, rigid, controlling, or fearful.
The ‘freeze or flow’ concept is an important tool to maneuver daily living. Take a big breath and say, “I have all the time that I need.  I have all the support that I need.  I allow myself to step out of the controlling driver’s seat and enjoy my life’s ride as a passenger, allowing divine flow to take over.” How delightful!

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