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      July 2009

Meditating with Your Pet
Say hello to my beloved Yorkshire Terrier, Keta.  

Keta has been assisting me in my meditations for 8 years and has consistently helped me with my healing and energy work.

What can your beloved pet do for your meditations?

They can help to ground you.
They can help hold the energy space if you need to move in and out of it.
If you go elsewhere in your work, your pet’s warm body next to you can help you maintain your connection to your body. Their physical presence can help to bring you back into the present.
Some pets can help guide or assist you and your work.
Some help people learn where negative energy is buried in their body by moving to or touching that area.
Some actually help remove negative energies.

But even if none of these occur, it is still a wonderful sharing experience to meditate with your pet. It’s something both of you can share and enjoy together.

Most animals are creatures of habit and routine. So here are some tips if you want to try meditating with your pet:

Have a consistent place where your pet is located during meditation like  next to you on the sofa, a specific chair, or on a pillow by your feet.

Tell your pet that you want them to help you meditate or meditate with you. Use the same key words each time so he or she will begin to understand the routine.

Then always start your meditation the same way.  I start mine with some deep breaths and toning. When Keta hears those tones, she knows we are going to work together and she settles in. Consider always starting with  putting on a chanting CD, soft music, or lighting incense.  Whatever your routine is, be consistent with how you start your meditations.

Start to include your pet in your meditation routine, and have patience. Let your fuzzy friend get used to this new activity with you. Soon your pet will have an understanding of what is happening, and will look forward to sharing this special bonding time with you.
When mediation is over, praise your pet for their help.

When I work with clients, Keta holds and interacts with the energy we are working with. She sometimes even verbally gurgles, a signal that she is holding onto the energy in the scared space. This is very helpful,  as I need to move in and out of the healing energy space  in order to observe, listen, take notes, and interact with what they are experiencing. Her partnership is extremely important to my work.
Now  she knows what it means when I tell her, “John is coming over to work with me. I need you to help me ground and hold the energy space.” As soon as I start toning , she jumps into her little basket and does her job.

When we finish, she is proud of herself. And, I always praise her for her help.

I encourage you to try meditating with your pet. I promise, it will be healing for both of you!

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