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        July 2007


Have you ever experienced hitting a wall, a barrier in your life – leaving you feeling stuck?  This can also brings up feelings of anger, disappointment, or even betrayal. Although this appears bad, there is good news here.

This situation means you are ready for a breakthrough that only you can give yourself. A breakthrough to the next level, to the next stage, to the next period of practice and learning.

All of us are evolving souls. We sometimes loose that notion in our hectic human existence. We are continually called upon to learn and grow beyond where we are. One of the vehicles that can cause this to happen is to experience something that forces us to move up and beyond. Usually, this is something that in the moment is not comfortable or pleasant – like being stuck.

I used to think, “Well, I mastered this and that, and now I am ready to just be.” Well, yes in many ways that is true. However, the evolution of the soul may be calling you to go further, to learn more deeply, to practice the path one more time to ensure assimilation and integration into your being.

So what do we do when we get stuck? One course that we are all familiar with is to cry and say ‘woe is me’. (Honor yourself if this is where you are, but let’s try not to stay here too long!) Another course would be to ask God to lift it from you. This is good, but it puts the entire burden of the responsibility outside of you.

Another path would be to state that you are ready for a breakthrough. Ask for guidance regarding what is limiting you at this time. The Secret has reminded us that what we hold onto inside of us – creates our experiences. This also includes limiting experiences. Ask, what is my current thinking about this situation or phase in my life? What is the foundational emotion that I am involved with. If we are feeling disappointed or betrayed, for instance, than we will get more disappointment and betrayal. Shift yourself and your situation by changing your thoughts and emotions…thus creating an opening for something new to occur. Once done, ask for your wall to be removed so you can move to the next step, with an open faith that you will be safe in the vulnerability that new beginnings bring.

Yes vulnerability. That is why it is hard sometimes to remove the wall, the stuck, and the block. When you do, you have to take responsibility for participating in the next stage. Sometimes it feels safer to stay in the stuck and blame your misfortune on others or God.
However, all of us have the creative force within us, if we dig down deep and pull it out, to trust that God and the Universe will make it right when you go to a place where you feel less in control, less knowledgeable, or less safe.”

Release any fears one by one.  Call in your spirit supporters to help carry and protect you on the next leg of your journey. State your intentions clearly for this phase. Muster up your core faith and trust that all is in right order and all is already taken care of. This is key - get out of your own way and let the Universe reply to your intentions.   Then joyfully enjoy each day as it evolves.

My favorite supporters for this type of experience are Horse to carry me when I am unsure how to go. Tiger for courage and confidence. Archangel Michael for protection, and Owl for wisdom. Try establishing your own transition team or council to help you during different periods in your life. I assure you, they are ready and willing to help.  All you have to do is ask. Try calling a meeting and get the team focused on your intention.

Most of all, remember you have the power to breakthrough your barriers, whenever they occur and no matter how difficult they seem. The definition of breakthrough is “an act of breaking through an obstacle or restriction; a major achievement that permits further progress.” This does not mean going back to things as they were. The definition of progress means “movement; development; unfolding; steady improvement; to advance; to improve.” Soul’s breakthrough most often means spiritual growth.

So, breakthrough is also about what happens after the barriers are removed.  It is up to you. When up against a wall - choose to breakthrough and experience personal and spiritual growth.  I know that you will be glad you did!

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