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        January 2018

Welcome 2018 – My New Year’s Message!
Embrace Change

If you want changes in your life, the New Year will help support it. If you want everything to stay the same, you might be surprised by the end of the year when things are not exactly as they were.

We live in an ever-evolving world and Universe. Day turns to night, with each day and night different from the next. Nothing stays wholly the same. We are designed and destined to grow and evolve much like the world we live in. When we avoid change, we are out of sync with this natural rhythm and flow, which can cause difficulty. Embracing change is a good thing, as all growth occurs through change. Embracing change connects us to the cycle and rhythm of the world.

Although we may be fearful of something new or different – that does not mean that change is bad. A fearful reaction can be due to needing time to adjust from your former habit way of living and/or being. It may feel more comfortable to stay put in the face of change, even if it is boring or not healthy, so we sometimes fight change.

Whether you are looking for change or not, I invite you to be open to it this year. In fact, if you use intention to help create and manifest change, it will propel you forward on a journey that is consistent with your hopes and dreams.

Your intention could be for a positive change in how you view yourself, the ability to stop judging self and others, the ability to find work that you are passionate about, or any change that you are ready to embrace.

The beauty is, when you use intention to manifest what is important to you, you are in charge of how you change and evolve!

Think through what you really want in your life. Don't place limits on this and listen to your heart. (Listening to your heart is best accomplished while in meditation state, combined with intention setting. Learn how to accomplish this here.) Once you have clarity, set your intention for this or something even better to occur.

The energy of the Universe is all about evolution - so direct that evolution in a way that meets your heart's desire! Doing that supports a successful path for you in the changing and evolving world - within you and around you.

Here is to a wonderful year ahead. A year where we embrace change instead of fighting or fearing it! Love - Alice

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