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        January 2016

Become What You Want for the World!

I am becoming loving kindness, because it is what I want for the world. What will you work towards becoming?

There becomes a time in our journey when we realize we are carrying hatred, pain, and unforgiveness that stems from the collective life experiences on earth and from humanity. When you address what you’ve been carrying it is freeing and it allows you to become what you want for the world. The change within you plants global seeds to help bring about broader change.

The following is an experience taken from my journals of when I wanted to continue to rise up – removing what I had been carrying - but the ancient collective pain was keeping me stuck. I hope you find it helpful on your personal journey of becoming within yourself what you want for the world.

I am at a juncture where I must continue up, or out.

The deep sadness of many lifetimes, of down trodden and hurtful human interactions, and of unnecessary abuse continues repeatedly. I witness it on the TV, the internet, with my clients, and I feel it.

I want to free myself of this - all of this. Have mercy on the world. Have mercy on me.

I can actually feel that this is finally possible in this life, right now. I feel that I can forgive, let go of the sadness, anger, and betrayal of centuries of abuse and control. This is my time. I can feel it. It is possible.

Gratefully, the vortex of chaos that was rising in me has settled down to give me a chance to reflect – to think, feel, and know.

I know that I am rising above the human condition - rising above it all. I continue to rise and go past it this time around. I claim it. Thank you God!

I forgive myself first. I honor myself above all things. When I honor who I am - God within - all heals.

I purge all abuse, sins, negativity, judgments, and self-hatred. I purge it all. I am now pure to move forward. Dear God, I love you. Dear self, I love you.

I decide to embrace what I want for the world. I commit to it and allow myself to become it. I embrace becoming loving kindness. If everyone was kind to each other, there would be no problems with our world. I commit to becoming loving kindness each and every moment of each day.

I am loving kindness. It is who I am. Kindness.
(I wrote and posted an article about kindness please reference it here.)

I now feel a pull - why is it so painful to be kind? It is painful as so many have harmed me.

It is time to rise above all of this - rise. I hurt and I see your pain, but it is time. I forgive everyone.

I forgive those who control and manipulate the world. I forgive those who harm and hurt others. I forgive myself for holding judgmental thoughts and for my impatience. I forgive.

I am the change. I forgive. I rise above. I am loving kindness.

This is the beginning of a different way of being. My heart holds so much. My heart heals the sadness, the grief, the abandonment, the hurt, and the pain. I release all of it now - all of it.

I trust this response and there is finally stillness - exquisite stillness. I allow the love and kindness to express.


What is it that you want to become for the world and why? This is only something that you can deeply recognize for yourself. Get in touch with any negative thoughts and emotions that you are holding that are interfering with what you want to change and release them. Then, move into a place of allowing and committing to be the change you want within yourself at all times. The impact will be amazing both for yourself and the world.

Love to you - Alice

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