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        January 2015

No Regrets

I recently came across this article that I wrote in 2004 when I was living in Florida’s Panhandle, and I feel the message stands the test of time.  The only difference is if I wrote this today I would have focused further on the important aspect of living in the moment. 

When you live in the moment versus a tightly planned schedule, it is easier to spontaneously enjoy the gifts in your life and mutually support your relationships.  Living this way means it is easier to create a significant bond with mother earth, nature, and the birds that surround you.

When you allow yourself to live in the moment, you will have no regrets.
  Whatever life brings - you will have embraced the opportunities to love, respect, and enjoy all the moments and gifts in your life. ~Alice

I walked to the beach, my beloved beach, 3 days after hurricane Ivan hit our shores.  My heart stood still, tears came to my eyes, and I cried uncontrollably for several minutes.

My beach – our beach – was gone.  Gone were the beautiful sand dunes – flattened out completely by the storm.  Gone was the beautiful white sand –  the under layer of brownish sand remained.  Gone was the welcoming energy – the smile, the hug, the kiss on the cheek.

Instead, there was deer flies, bugs, and seaweed everywhere – it clinged to you,  telling you to stay away.  I felt strongly that Sister Beach was not feeling good about herself.  She was sending a signal – do not be here right now.

I cried again.  My beach – our beach – that brings joy to so many; that heals so many needed time to heal herself and to regain her self-esteem.  And so, I left.

When I have been faced with this type of loss before in my life, I experienced overwhelming regret that I didn’t appreciate God’s gift more.  The regret that I didn’t spend more time with the gift - whether it was a person or aspect of nature.  I have had regrets that I didn’t tell the gift how much I loved her/him.  After all, you can rebuild a home, buy a new boat, start your business over - but you cannot rebuild majestic sand dunes or bring back a loved one who has passed.

What struck me as significant while experiencing this loss – the loss of the ‘Dunes’ at Dune Allen Beach – was that my sadness and mourning held no regrets.  For once, I knew that I had carved out the time on an ongoing basis to spend time with my beach, to love my beach, to talk to and listen to my beach, and to really appreciate all that she had to offer.

So as I turn away, drying a remaining stray tear,  I send love and support to my beach for her work to self-heal.  “I allow you the grace and time to remake yourself to where you are grand once again – different than before, but grand.  I have no doubt that this will be so.  I allow you this, as you are a sister, you are a friend, and you are a healing partner.  Let me know when you want me to rejoin you.  I will be there to walk with you and talk with you once again.”

In time, Sister Beach did renew herself to something different – significantly less dunes that are much closer to ground level.  However, she is pristine, beautiful, and grand in a slimmed down way.  A place where I once again enjoyed the sand and surf, and most importantly my relationship with my sister, the beach,  for more precious moments and more gifts that are precious.

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