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        January 2013

How to Live with Ease in Our Changing World

Yes, our world is changing. The earth is closer to the sun, causing different weather patterns and natural events, which bring destruction and damage to our property and mother earth. Our government has evolved to the point where our interests are less listened to, yet most do not seem to notice or care. More and more people are engaging in meditation, spiritual practices, alternative medicine, and healthy diets than just a few years ago.  Yes, we are changing; and so is our world.

When in the middle of an evolutionary change, it is important to remember a few basics. In spite of what goes on around you with family, friends, society, politics, economics, and the earth - you still have control of your destiny by using self-mastery tools. You are a powerful being. You can harness this important energy to help you live a joyful life, anytime and anywhere.

Here are a few tools and exercises that we often forget to engage in our lives. Utilizing them will help you walk through life with a peaceful, joyful center, no matter what!

1. Utilize instant manifestation. Know that your words and thoughts manifest almost immediately now. Use them to your advantage to create your world, life, and reality. For instance: “I intend that I am safe, protected, abundant, and supported. My life is easy and joyful. This is my reality. It is so.”

2. Choose to live in total detachment, despite what may be going on around you. Do not hold or express opinions, and avoid engaging in conflict of any sort. Stay as an observer, as though you are watching a play unfold upon a stage. An observer has the ability to remain neutral and centered, while their energy continues to flow freely, clearly, and unblocked. In this neutral state, abundance flows freely.

3. Align yourself with your higher self and guidance. When something repeatedly fails to work out, it is usually a sign that you are attempting to force something that is not in alignment with your life’s purpose. When what you are seeking to manifest is in harmony with your life’s plan, God and the Universe will assist you for a very quick manifestation. Be aligned with your higher self and use this wisdom to manifest for your higher good, along with that of the planet.

4. Do not expose yourself to negativity, from yourself or others. Change all negative thoughts and emotions immediately to the positive. Do not hold onto negativity of any kind. Choose friends that enhance your energy. Spend less time with those who drain or agitate your energy.

5. Embody joyful living. What makes your spirits soar? Does it involve joy? If not think about making changes that will free you up to live fully with joy. This high vibration also helps maintain health, enhance your energy level, and propel your spiritual capabilities.

6. Claim your authentic power, and put into practice all that you have learned. Accept that you deserve to be happy, and that you are worthy of all the Universe has to offer. Intend that you will receive it. Know that you are worthy to have it all!

7. Trust that all is in Divine Order. Envision only positive outcomes. Remember that the laws of the Universe move in both directions. In this time of rapid manifestation, carefully choose what you create. Be mindful of all of your thoughts and words.

8. Always be grateful. Gratitude communicates to God and the Universe that you are acknowledging their role in your life. This acknowledgement feeds the cycle of wonderful things happening in your life. You deserve those wonderful things. Gratitude is also a major shifter of negativity. When you change from disappointment, for example, to gratitude, the other negative energies just fall away. Moreover, gratitude just feels good!

Remember that the place you go to affect change is always within yourself. When you change yourself from the inside out, all around you changes as well. You are your own source of what you want and desire.

Much Love, Joy, & Gratitude -

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