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         January 2009

God Wants a Relationship with You!

Relationships are a two way street. It’s the same with your relationship with God.

For most of us, our relationship with God is based on us talking to God. We ask for help, favors, and blessings. We 'pray to God', but do we leave God an opening to communicate with us?

God wants a relationship with each of us, and it cannot truly happen if we don’t allow God to talk to us. God wants to guide us, help us, give us gifts, and share information with us, either directly or through others. However, we make it difficult for God to communicate with us when we never still ourselves to listen, and when we never slow down enough to be present to receive. If we constantly occupy our energy space, how can God reach us?

Sometimes people say how they had to get hit over the head, so to speak, to wake up and realize something important. That is not necessary when we allow space and time for God to communicate with us.

Think about it: We are always surrounded with something to do like, listening to the TV or music, talking on the phone or in person with friends and family, or being on the internet. Moreover, we are often guilty of doing several of these things at a time! With this type of existence, are you really giving God a space to enter into your world and be with you?

I also want to be realistic. I acknowledge that our life and the world in which we live are very demanding. You cannot change that, but you can carve a small amount of time each day where you silence yourself and invite God to communicate with you. If it is truly not possible to do this each day, start small with 2 or 3 times a week.

If you create a routine like this and set the intention for God to share with you, it will happen. It may take a few times of warming up to it, but do not loose patience. Be in the moment and trust. Your intimate conversation with God will happen. The answers you seek will come.

Here are some other tips.
Clear your mind and center yourself in your heart. God speaks to us though our heart. We receive through our feelings and our intuition, not in our minds.

Set an intention for your quiet time with God. Your intention sets your focus.  “Thank you God for giving me guidance on ____. This is important to me because…”

Leave an opening for God to talk about something else that may be more important.  “Thank you God for giving me guidance on ___ or some other area that you feel is important for me at this time.”

Record the message/guidance received. Have a writing tablet or journal handy to record the message, knowing, or guidance that you receive.

Trust the guidance you received. This wisdom is your truth. It is more valuable and important than any thoughts, analysis, opinions you or others may have.

Be in the present moment as you move through your day. God speaks to us through other people, experiences, what we read, see, and hear. Once you practice this, your intuition will kick in, alerting you when it is happening. You will be able to discern between normal conversations and experiences, and ones that are important messages.

It is most important, however, to tell God that you want a two-way relationship, and thank God for this relationship. If you do this and set up a routine that gives God a space to communicate with you, wonderful things will happen. Soon, it won’t be difficult to carve out time for your conversations with God, because it will become more important than everything else!

I invite you to use the winter season symbolic of hibernating, to start a practice of going within yourself through meditation to establish communication with God.

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