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       February 2011

Light Supported Footsteps

Do you feel called to be or do something new or different? Are your footsteps moving you forward on your path?
Are they supported by the light of the Universe?

Here are my Four Steps for Light Supported Footsteps:
1.  Observe: Observe the signs the Universe gives you.
2.   Listen: Listen to the wisdom of your heart and soul.
3.   Intend: Set clear intentions so God and the Universe can support you.
4.   Step out: Step out with trust and without hesitation.
Then watch how things magically fall into place.

First, observe the signs. Pay attention to what is happening around you. The Universe always gives us signs, but we must pay attention and recognize them. Let them be guideposts for you.

For example, if many of your former relationships are leaving or ending, that may be a sign from the higher order of things that it is time for you to have new relationships, perhaps those that will better serve ‘the you’ that you have become.  If something you had hoped for is just not happening, no matter what you do or how hard you try, it may be a sign that this path is not for you. Nothing is supposed to be that difficult. 

If you have an accident of some kind, maybe you are supposed to slow down. Alternatively, maybe you are moving in the wrong direction, and there was no other way to stop you. If you experience the loss of a job, loved one, money or health, maybe this is occurring to give you an experience to master and grow spiritually.  In retrospect, we know we always grow and expand the most through an experience that at first appears negative. We become stronger, and really start to embody what is most important for our life.

Second, listen to your inner wisdom. Now that you understand the nature of signs, check in with your heart and soul. My preference is to do this in the stillness of my meditation, when I know I am in alignment with my spiritual guidance. Ask: What do these signs mean? Am I being called to a new path or way of being? Make sure your calling is not coming from your small ego mind. Then listen. Listen to the wisdom and direction from your heart.

Third, set clear intentions.  Today we are living in a miraculous time, a time where things occur quickly. As soon as we have a thought, it materializes. Spending a lot of time in analysis and deliberation often causes paralysis of our energy and our spiritual growth. Now that you have understood the signs, asked and listened to your heart and soul, it is time to make some crystal clear intentions for your desired results. Make your intentions in the present tense, as though the result exists right now, and feel what it will feel like when they have manifested.

Fourth, step out with trust. Many people have a problem trusting when they are called to step into the new or unknown. Even though we may not consciously know at the time why or what our lives are evolving into, simply trusting in the process can bring us great comfort and relief. By the way, any other way of handling it would be detrimental to our growth and to a successful outcome.  Remember, what we hold onto creates. Trust is always the best way to deal with the unknown. Trust could easily be one of the most important mantras for our spiritual ascension process.

Here are some examples from my life: Several years ago I was guided to leave a corporate job in order to pursue my healing practice.  My heart strongly pulled me to move to Florida’s Santa Rosa Beach area. I began by checking out everything.  I rented a temporary place and lived there two weeks each month, driving back to my permanent home for the other two weeks. I wanted to make sure I checked out everything and was comfortable with the new location. After seven months, I was exhausted from driving back and forth, and nothing was moving forward with my chosen path of healing. Worse yet, I was having difficulty maintaining a life style of living in two locations.

Finally, I listened to my heart and it spoke to me. My heart said it didn’t want to live in the old location anymore, and that it was tired of driving. Immediately I bought a for sale by owner sign, put it in the yard, and said, ”God, if it is meant to be, send me a buyer.” I did nothing else. Other houses in my neighborhood were not selling, but mine sold in six weeks! Before I intended and took action, I was stuck in an exhausting experience, which also inhibited me moving forward on my spiritual path.

In 2010, I was strongly guided by my inner wisdom to move to North Carolina for many reasons. The signs were there that it was time to move.  One obvious sign was that my business dropped off. I set intentions that all would be laid out for me, and the move would be effortless. I boldly stepped out with trust, to move to a place where I knew no one. God’s gifts have been showering me ever since, day after day after day.

At the same time, a friend of mine was also called to move. The signs were also there. However, this person chose to analyze, think about it, and wait for the Universe to lay everything out ahead of the move. This person is still where they used to live, spending time with people they have outgrown, and doing the same old things. Although they “say” this is their direction, they are stuck in old patterns, paralyzing their spiritual momentum. What was lacking was intention and moving forward with trust.

Observe, Listen, Intend, and Step Out. When you do, your feet will meet pure, supportive light with each step you take. The Light of the Universe will be exactly under each next step!

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