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        February 2017


February is the month of Valentine’s and love. This year let’s focus on fully embracing yourself with acceptance, patience, and love.

It is easy to be hard on ourselves – to judge ourselves. For some, we do it with a vengeance. There is a voice inside telling us hurtful things like: I will never be good enough. I am a failure and always will be. I hate myself for messing up. I will never be successful.

That is the voice of self-judgment.

Judgment of self, keeps you in separation from your authentic spiritual self. This is who you are meant to be - divine, pure, and a piece of the Creator. When you judge yourself and beat yourself up, it interferes with your ability to be whole, happy, and on your personal spiritual path.

Many of us understand how harmful judgment can be. We focus on being able to stop judging others, allowing them to be how they are. As we make progress towards not judging others, it is interesting that we continue to judge ourselves.

Are you not worthy of the same respect, esteem, and love from yourself that you offer to others?

Why is it so difficult to stop judging ourselves? Over the years, we have gotten totally wrapped up in our humanness, forgetting our divinity. Our human way of thinking and being about ourselves becomes a strong habit. We think and feel from our human mind and emotions, yet this is not who we are. This is just part of the form that we agreed to be incarnated into.

When we remember our divinity, but our self judgment continues. It is time to take back the power from your human form and move into your authentic self-empowerment. Your human form is your house, your temple, it is not who you are. You are who you are - spiritual you.

Sometimes we even treat ourselves with less consideration than we do our car, our house, our possessions, or other people. I encourage you to move yourself - the real you - to the top of the list.

I am worthy of self-respect and love.
I am worthy of self-love and nurturing.
I love myself fully.
I allow myself to make a mistake.
I allow myself to be me.

And soon those self-judging tapes that play over and over inside of your head and heart will consist of positive self- affirming words.

I am self-love.

Love to you - Alice

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