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        February 2016

It is Time to Start Loving Yourself

Oh my, I could have said, ‘It is time to start loving yourself!’ every year for the last 20 years. Why am I being guided to write about it now?

It is time because within the evolutionary energy of Earth and the expanding consciousness of humanity - we are being called to step into our higher self and spiritual purpose. That can only happen once we truly love ourselves. In order to embrace love one must have a knowing of self and be able to let go of all unloving ideas and habits that one directs towards their self. We are each Divine beings - a piece of God – and it is contrary to who we are meant to be when we engage in self-pity, self-criticism, victimhood, or self-doubt.

So step up your love of self and be a part of planet Earth’s change - be part of an important change and evolution within yourself! Let go of old ways for something far better.

We each have to make the decision for ourselves. The choice is to live in self-pity and low self-esteem or to move into an ability to forgive, accept, and allow yourself to truly love you!

I understand the dynamics – and that they can be hard to change - as I have worked through them, and have helped many to work through them. I understand that it feels easier to lay low and blame others, but that only repeats old patterns. We want to propel further and feel happier – that means these dynamics need to be addressed.

The dynamics that you hold onto inside of yourself creates your experiences, your health, and your relationships. It is time to let go of the old and bravely embrace a new way of being to create a new future.

Want to really affect change in your life? Start acknowledging you, who you are, and what your skills and abilities are. This helps you to realize that you can create the life that you want, the relationships that you desire, and the career that you are passionate about through recognizing your self-worth.

As your self-worth grows it is easier to understand that you deserving of this - worthy of love, support, abundance, and health.

You are being called to step into your higher self – the version of self that is perfect and worthy. When you do and truly love yourself - everything else will fall into place.

This is the month of Valentine’s Day, when we embrace feelings from our heart. Know that I love you for the unique being you are - you are awesome! Love to you – Alice

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