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        February 2015

Likes Attract Likes

‘Like attract likes’ is a phrase we have heard many times, and it is certainly worth revisiting because it is a basic energy principle that we all seem to forget.

Who you are in each moment shapes what you attract. If you are grumpy, you will attract others who are grumpy. If you are bitter, you will attract those who are bitter. If you are positive and upbeat, you will attract people who are the same.

I personally put a lot of emphasis on transforming what limits our health, our happiness, and our financial success. Once we address these through introspection, healing work done with the inside of ourselves, journaling and more - it is time to consciously hold onto what it is that we want to become and what we want to attract for our relationships.

Why does it matter what we consciously hold onto? The more positive we become, the more positive energy we give off, which draws in more positive connections to us. The same holds true for negativity, and every other emotion and human condition.

If we want peace in our lives, for example, we must first become peace. The secret to obtaining that which we want in our life, is to become it first within ourselves.

So let's say you want to attract a significant other. The idea is to embody that which you desire or want to attract. Because a relationship is more abstract than a single emotion, the first step is to define what it is that you want to attract in relationships. Once defined, you can strengthen these traits in yourself - enabling you to attract the same to you! For instance, if you want love but you do not love yourself, becoming loving with yourself is a good place to start.

Another way to look at it is to identify the best parts of you and focus on operating from them. Each of us have unique and wonderful traits and aspects of ourselves. It is always best to be yourself, because you want to attract people who like you just as you are. However, this is strengthened by reflecting on the best aspects of yourself and then pulling your natural positive traits to the forefront of your consciousness. This makes it easier to naturally express them when you are with others.

In fact, before you enter a social situation, try concentrating on the ‘best’ aspects of yourself so they stand out even further! Remember what you focus on is what you get. When you focus on your best traits you are focused on attracting quality not quantity - and the quality is tailored specifically for you. This means you will attract others who have similar qualities!

I want to be clear that I do not mean aspects like ‘good at tennis’, but qualities like being dependable, kind, patient, or easy going.

Everyone wants to be with someone who they are comfortable with - someone who makes them feel good. When you are with others, especially those who are important to you, focus on sending them the warmth of your heart. It is a powerful tool. Start by thinking about, feeling, or envisioning something you love. As you feel the emotions connected to love, others around you will feel it too. So send this to your boss, your family members, or anyone that you’d like to soften the rough edges of your relationship with.

Above all, love yourself always. If you truly love yourself, you will attract others who love you as well.

I hope this perspective is helpful to you. It is easy to fall into victim mode: "Why me? Men or women never show up embracing who I am?” Now you know that this is not so when you embody and become what you want in your life first. This is a great tool to create positive change in your relationships and to attract new ones to you.

It is okay to learn as you go and adjust as your discover what works best for you. This is a wonderful journey and let's start it by intending: "It is easy and fun to attract people who are a good fit for me. I am worthy and deserving of this."

Love - Alice

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