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      February 2007

Less is Best

When I first moved to our lovely area of white beaches and emerald green waters, a person who lived here said to me, “I know you are used to living in a major city, but here, ‘less is best.’ Less is best at the beach!"

I have often thought about this shared wisdom. For me it has become less is best - not just at the beach – but everywhere.

Do you ever wonder how much is too much? Do you ever think about how many more years you have to work this hard just so you can own that extra car, boat, or house? Or to maintain a home that is really bigger than you need?

Have you ever contemplated downsizing, and working less? Most people say, “Oh I couldn’t do that! I have to keep up with my obligations.” That is the secret to this dilemma, 'my' obligations. They are not God’s obligation, they are not universal obligations, they are only 'yours'. And since they are yours you can change them if you want to. There is the other secret, if 'you' want to.

Isn’t peace what we all want and strive for? How can you attain peace, if your life is filled with one should after another, one obligation after another? There are no should and should nots except for what we create for ourselves. Feeling stressed, overloaded, overwhelmed, and exhausted? Take a look at your should list and downsize that!

I have to tell you there are so many people that are literally afraid to eliminate their shoulds. “If I do that, then what will I do? I will be bored.” The better question to ask is: not what will I do, but what will I become? And this is the beginning of a wonderful journey of self, getting to know and grow oneself. This is not boring at all!

Okay maybe it is just too extreme to go to 'less is best' all at once. But I invite you to try and downsize just a little and see how it feels. Remove one financial obligation and 3 shoulds over the next 1-2 months and see the freedom and space it gives you. See how your stress level lessons, see how you are suddenly more peaceful and calm. And you will say… “This is certainly worth it!” And it is.

Be good to yourself.  Honor yourself.  Do with less.  Live with less shoulds.  Enjoy what you become.  God bless you.

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