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       December 2011

Your Life Is Your Creation

A friend recently asked for my perspective on how he was setting intentions. He said, “I have done all the work and the intention setting, in fact, I focus on it daily. What am I doing wrong?  Nothing is happening.” 

Here is what I shared with him:
When you focus on your intentions, on a daily basis, do you really trust that they will happen? When we really have trust, we release our intentions to God and the Universe to support. We need to trust that they will be supported, and we act as if they are supported.

It is also important to be careful that, either consciously or unconsciously, you aren’t sending contradictory messages about what you wish to occur. Do you continually change or refocus the goal of the intention?  When we revisit our intentions over and over we bring it all back to the beginning, so it never has a chance to manifest fully.

Could your emotional state not be in a positive place as you envision this thing you want to happen? Have feelings of frustration, needing to be in control, worry, or doubt crept into your intention process?  These are all important questions that we should carefully use as evaluation tools if our intention work feels like it has stalled.

Here is my formula for powerful intention setting, distilled down to six simple steps:

Clarity: Be clear on what you are creating with your intention.
Alignment: Make sure you are aligned within your inner wisdom and with the larger universe.
Focus: Put focused energy into forming the intention and choosing the right words.
Trust: Trust that God will support it, if it is for the greater good of all.
Thanks: Give thanksgiving and praise for it happening.
Release: Then, simply release your intention.

No matter what, do not let feelings of worry or doubt become part of your intention process. When your intended creation is something important, something you feel addresses a need, it is sometimes more difficult to keep worry or doubt away. However, if you just trust and release your intention work, those hindering thoughts and emotions are easier to keep out. Moreover, you will feel at ease; for the act of fully trusting and releasing brings calmness and peace.

With 2012 emerging right before our eyes, it is important to create a healthy vision of ourselves, our life, and the planet earth. Join me in two teleconferences where we will focus on this work:

A special Winter Solstice Meditation event on Dec 21st will include our vision of the future for both self and planet. To make sure all are able to participate there will be both an in-person meditation for Western North Carolina area attendees, and a teleconference so members of the global community can participate.

Along with a Spiritual Empowerment workshop via teleconference where we will discuss practical manifestation principles, tools, and techniques, which engage powerful energetic creation work for you and your life ahead.

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