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        December 2017

Honor the Void in Your Life

Have you ever unexpectedly experienced a period where you say to yourself, “Nothing is happening in my life”? It can be scary or frustrating, but there are benefits to our growth during an experience like this.

What do these periods look like?
• Your business &/or social appointments suddenly decrease and remain at an all-time low level for an extended period of time.
• Nothing you attempt to do happens, despite of your efforts.
• You have an unexpected accident that sets you back several days, weeks, or more.
• Your meditation offers little to nothing in self-reflection or inspiration.
• You feel like you suddenly have no purpose &/or you are concerned about the future.
• You feel like you have hit a wall, while nothing changes.

Often a period like this can be associated with low energy, a sense of futility, or even despair. They may be brief or drag out, leaving you wondering when it will end.

I call these periods ‘the void’. Most of us experience them at least once in our life, but they usually have a purpose, even if we aren’t aware. My recommendation is the best way to move through a period like this, is to honor ‘the nothingness’ and embrace it.

The winter months of mid-December through mid-March can facilitate these feelings of void and hibernation. So if the void appears for you, the best course of action is allowing. When we fight it, we become frustrated making the situation worse and making ourselves feel worse. Instead, allow it be however it is. When it is ready to be over, it will move out and we will be refreshed, renewed, and evolved in some way – either obvious or subtle.

The idea is, “Oh, here it is again, another void – another period of nothingness. I honor this and I have learned in the past that this is my gestation period. This is my nothingness from which I birth a new aspect of me or transform an old aspect of me or my life. I always grow and learn from this type of experience, so I allow me to be without purpose, without direction for a while. I go inside and honor whatever it is that needs to occur.”

It is hard for most of us to do this as we are used to action. We live our schedule, our career, or roles in life, so being faced with ‘the void’ can be threatening and scary.

The first time I had this type of experience I felt purposeless, powerless, and frustrated. Over time, I have accepted how it is okay to be nothing and do nothing, until ‘the void’ leaves. And, it does leave, eventually!

Even the mountain goat who climbs the mountain cannot sustain going to the top all at once. There are periods when the goat enjoys the plateau of the mountain – the place of non-movement, non-growth, non-achievement…..the void.

The season of winter is upon us and the energy during this time supports hibernation. It is an invitation to hole-up and to do introspection or inner work. It is a time for going within. This cycle represents void’s ability to facilitate the birth of new movement before the spring. Bear totem, who hibernates each winter, teaches the importance of using what is learned during quiet periods to have a more successful Spring. So, when we embrace the void and learn what is there for us versus fighting it, it is important to use that knowledge as we move forward in our life.

Not all voids are obvious or the messages aren’t always directly clear. But when you allow, you embrace the transformation that is waiting from the experience.

Enjoy laying low this Winter season, if that’s how your journey takes shape. Use ‘the void’ to bring forward new growth just as Winter always brings forward Spring.

Love - Alice

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