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        December 2016

Gratitude - there is more to it than you think!

We say we are grateful, and perhaps use the word frequently, but do we fully feel and express gratitude?

We can move from gratitude simply being a word – to becoming a powerful way of being. Your prayers, intentions, and affirmations, are always enhanced by what you feel. Those feelings have power and can energetically enhance your goals. Think of your words as being the direction for your manifestation and your feelings being the fuel to propel them forward.

The feeling of gratitude is a powerful fuel.

Take a moment and focus on something you are grateful for. Visualize it in front of you and soak in all that gratitude because this is part of your life. How do you feel when you are grateful? What emotions are present? How does your body feel and where in your body do you feel gratitude? How is your mood? How does pure gratitude feel? How do you feel?

Can you feel the difference? Gratitude is a great energy! Wouldn’t it be nice to hold onto this energy throughout each day? It would be even better to actually become that energy - to be gratitude!

Once you are able to call up the feelings and energies of gratitude, you can use it during your manifestation work.

That means working to experience gratitude as if your intention or prayer has already manifested. Feel it even before it has occurred. When you are grateful for something before it has been received, it powerfully propels your creation forward - clearly and quickly.

Being gratitude is more than saying ‘I’m grateful’ – however it is a great accomplishment to be mindful of saying the words on an ongoing basis. Being gratitude means moving past the words and really becoming gratitude each and every day. As you say ‘I am grateful,’ consciously feel it in your heart, mind, body, and spirit!

As you incorporate gratitude fully into your life, the day will come when you realize how you no longer have to be mindful of ‘being gratitude’ – it is just part of who you naturally are. What a wonderful gift!

Post script: It is interesting that I scheduled this article for December well over a year ago, and it is exactly now that I need to really absorb for myself. I’ve had a unexpected accident (hairline fractured femur- leg bone) that has laid me on my back and humbled me in my inability to do most everything physical, and took me off my gratitude center. I thought, “How can any of this be something that I am grateful for?” However, it could be worse. I could have been alone when the accident happened – I had a friend visiting for the holidays who helped get me to the ER. I could have damaged my leg more severely. I could have had a weak body and injured more than my leg. I am grateful that my years of healthy eating and my beloved Pilates has helped keep me physically strong. There is more for me to discover and to be grateful for as I continue this journey. But for now, I am just grateful for this article that I wrote last year and scheduled for this month. The timing of reviewing it for publication was ‘in right time’ for me. It is helping me move back into alignment with who I really am – a positive grateful person. Yes, there is more to gratitude than the words, it is who we are at our spiritual core. I am full of resolve. I will not allow myself to let life’s circumstances take me away from me.

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