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        December 2015

I Am Excited To Be Alive!

There have been times in my life when I have not been excited about life - and I am sure you have had those times as well. In fact, when I reflect on times when I was fully participating in life, I seldom recall feeling excited. I certainly felt motivated to do what was on my schedule and to make a difference. I often felt happy and at peace, but I also often felt drained, isolated, or not connected.

In my journey, I arrive to this moment: I am sitting on my porch looking at the sun rising in the sky, listening to the birds talking to each other and to me. I feel and acknowledge that I am really excited - excited to be here, excited to be alive, and excited to be where I am in my relationship with myself and my journey.

How did this occur? My best answer is it is the result of my commitment to my path of Spiritual Ascension. Every time something came into my life that was negative - whether it was an emotion, experience, health issue, or a relationship issue - I took the time to inquire what it represented and connected to where it was located inside my body. Transmuting old beliefs from my cells and subconscious became a way of life. Instead of being upset at something, I would say to myself – “That's interesting, I wonder why that is showing up that way?" Over time, I became a detached observer of my life - continually clearing out the old and bringing in the new.

This journey first brought me peace - a consistent still calm peace within my center. I then moved into a place where I seldom felt fear. A period of 3-4 years would go by without an appearance from fear, and when it did pop up I viewed it as an important signal for more inner work.

I became attuned to knowing everything in my life is about what is operating inside of me – it is not about other people or situations as it would initially appear. I intellectually knew this for a long time, but it suddenly became who I was in my daily living. It became my automatic way of operating.

In the middle of all of this, I had intermittent health issues, which were telling me to do more inner work and to be grateful for them. The body cannot hold the energies of an ascended being of light with lots of old density present in the cells. My physical ascension symptoms were not comfortable, they were and still are challenging, but I learned to trust and embrace the process.

At some point I realized I was vibrating at a gradually higher level each year - it was a subtle shift. Being around large groups of people started to drain me, even when no one was obviously negative. I started to realize how I was more comfortable in nature or with a few like-minded people as we can offer each other the support of a similar enhancing vibration.

Another difference was I was enjoying going to quiet little restaurants or choosing to go early to be there at a less populated time. The old me would have thought, ‘Are you becoming a hermit? Where is your social interaction?’ The evolved me followed my nature and enjoyed where I was most comfortable – without self-criticism.

As I traveled along this path, I also fell back in love with myself. I acknowledged that I really liked to spend time with myself – to do creative things with myself. I allowed myself to spend free time in this manner, instead of feeling the need to schedule my open time with social activities.

I continued my inner healing work - moving deeper into the ancient coded programs from many lifetimes and from the collective humanity. At one point I felt a huge shift, and knew I was operating in my body as a pure integrated vibration with my ‘Higher Self’ and ‘I AM’ in me.

The obvious differences included that I was waking up at 6am, excited to go on my porch and watch the sunrise. I would meditate, journal, receive my next spiritual assignment and with excitement place a top priority on this assignment.

The assignments are part of my ongoing commitment for the betterment of our planet, humanity, and the Universe. I am excited about them because the work matters on a large scale and is an expression of who I am – the ‘I AM’ in me. The assignments continually become more advanced and challenging – yet this floats my boat just as talking to the trees or writing this message to you does.

I feel true joy and excitement in allowing myself to express authentically and being open to have this expression flow from my heart and my mouth freely.

I have always taught, “If you want to find your purpose, just start doing something you really enjoy and see what happens.” What excites you may be radically different than what excites me, but it is the key to finding your excitement that is longing to be expressed.

I have experienced excited energies at different times in my journey - but they did not become a sustained ongoing way of being. Each year it has become a bigger expression of me – a journey that has taken time. I have allowed the inside of me to express fully more and more often.

My commitment to writing and planetary work has been ongoing for the last 15 years, but I often approached it from the stance that it was serious. Even my creative projects – because I viewed them as important and serious – would often feel difficult and I would have to force them. The magic is the combination of joy and excitement with what feels important to you. It is possible for something to be both exciting and serious! It is not something to be forced, but that you allow. Suddenly, the combination that is unique for you – your passionate expression – will present itself.

The idea of being excited about life is more than a concept you can read about and then execute. The secret is to continue your inner work to achieve a consistent platform of peaceful harmony – an opening for a spiritual union with who you really are. This creates a special space where the magic can begin – a union with who you really are while in your body. It feels thrilling!

I am sharing my journey with you, in case it holds a reflection or insights that are helpful to you. In my experience, the spiritual journey is always propelled by going inward and mastering our human experiences. At its core it is about self-knowing self, self-honoring self, and self-loving self. Amen.

Post Script:
This article came through me while I was in full union with ‘I AM In Me’ and ‘Higher Self’ energies on May 16, 2015. I was totally vibrating with excitement when I was receiving and writing it. I was guided to post this in December as my Christmas gift to you!

Love - Alice

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