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        August 2017

Move to Your Full Potential!

Soften your heart. Cut all cords with the past. Now you are ready to move into your full potential.

What does ‘full potential’ mean? It means you are unstoppable, self-confident, worthy of having it all, and that you are a powerful co-creator. ‘Full potential’ means you are living your purpose with joy!

The important question is: What does full potential look and feel like for you? Take some time to sit with this question. Center yourself, breathe deeply and slowly and methodically go to your heart to anchor yourself there. Now, ask yourself, ‘What does my full potential look like and feel like?’ Both aspects are important to uncover. Once you discover your answer imagine it being in the present. When you visualize or imagine it, you help bring your full potential into material form.

If you are hesitant about what you discover, ask yourself, ‘Why?’ Could it be that you don’t feel worthy enough to be at your unique full potential? If so, don’t worry as many feel the same. Could you be fearful of becoming your full potential or be concerned about failing?

Each of these ‘hesitant’ beliefs are part of a mental construct you have created for yourself, have inherited by virtue of your family, have learned from your environment, or have acquired from the collective consciousness. Understanding how these beliefs are formed allows you to let go of blame or other negative emotions. Understanding these beliefs allows you to breathe.

Breathe out the old ‘not worthy’ beliefs and breathe in the new ‘I am worthy to have it all’ beliefs. Use this breathing exercise for several minutes to release the old and absorb the new. Then, if it applies, breathe out the old ‘fear of failure’ belief and breathe in the new ‘I am successful at my divine purpose belief’. Again, do this for several minutes to release the old and absorb the new. Do all of this gently, yet with consistent focus.

When you feel a shift, gently allow yourself to acknowledge: "I am full potential and I am worthy of full potential."

Your thoughts and beliefs set the tone for what comes next. Hold the space for change, and see what unfolds.

Love to you - Alice

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