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        August 2016

The Life Force of Rain

I breathe - I breathe in the rain. My windows and doors are open - the wind brings the fresh essence of rain into my home and into me.

I have always been a follower of the cleansing, purifying, and balancing energy of the rain. When it is not too cold or hot, I will open up all the windows and doors of my house to receive the centering energy of rain.

What is the essence of rain?

Rain brings clean air - encouraging clean, clear thoughts and mental clarity. Air itself is symbolic of mental energies, so the clean air that occurs after rain is an expression of pristine mental clarity.

Rain also reduces heat which often manifests as inflammation. Thus, rain supports the reduction of inflammation inside of us – all part of us including our mental, emotional, and physical aspects.

Whether the rain drops are pounding or soft, they offer a harmonious rhythm, signaling that Mother Earth is being re-harmonized and rebalanced. When we allow ourselves to be with and receive the rain energy, it re-harmonizes and rebalances us.

Rain brings in hope - hope that a new day will be different as it is cleansed of pollen and thick humidity. When we absorb rain essence with conscious intent, our new day will be different as we become cleansed of the thickness of our own debilitating thoughts and emotions.

The wind settles in - strong, sure, clear, crisp - joining the rain.

Wind propels and adds momentum. It supports the earth and each of us as we regroup, renew, and embrace a fresh start. Wind is a creative force. Use this moment of mental clarity from the rain, enhanced by the wind, to create what you desire.

Remember the life force elementals of the earth (air, fire, water, earth) are available for you to utilize and enhance yourself and your life. Consciously tune into them as they are here for you!

I intend that fresh clean energy fills all parts of you.

Love - Alice

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