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        August 2014

Feet on the Beach

Have you ever noticed how good the sand feels on your feet? You walk down the boardwalk, go down the steps, and then slip off your shoes. You step out onto the sand…ahh.

It feels so good to your feet. Your feet need a little freedom too - freedom from socks and shoes, freedom to be in touch with the beach – with the earth.

The nerve endings in your feet are attached to most every part of your body. Making your feet feel good - makes you feel good! Putting the pores of your feet in touch with earth, and its magnificent grounding and nourishing energy - grounds and nourishes you.

It really feels good when you wiggle your feet past the warm sunny surface and into cool moist sand…..ahh.

This exercise is not exclusive to the beach, use your garden when you have freshly turned over the soil that is soft and pliable. The richness of the dark, cool earth is incredibly potent and feels so good.

Your feet carry you day after day - what a job! They deserve a break and some refreshment. At a larger level, it is a reminder to take time to refresh yourself periodically, so you don’t get worn down, tired, and weary. When this happens, you cannot be your best. Experiencing your feet feeling good is a reminder that you need to do the same for yourself.

We often get in a routine of flying through life, pushing ourselves to do all that we feel we must do. It is important to intentionally take a brief pause once or twice a day to ground, center, and rebalance.

Right now, in our planetary evolution, there are more reasons to connect with the earth - beyond renewal and grounding.

The Earth moved into a higher dimensional state at the end of 2012. This movement included all the animals, plant life, all aspects of nature.

It is important, now more than ever before, to stay connected with the earth. Why? Most are still living with a low ego mind/emotion vibration. It is easy for those on the spiritual path to be dragged into this low state and taken off balance. Connecting with the higher vibrating earth helps us to stay grounded in our higher vibration with the support and love of mother earth.

So, if you want support to stay in a higher vibratory state while being grounded, refreshed, and renewed - start with your feet! Whether it is the rich dark earth or the white flexible sand - you cannot go wrong by wiggling your bare feet into the earth!

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