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        August 2013

You are Spirit

Powerful, sleek, light of being, grounded, and yet free – those are the spirits that I see moving across the sky. Their force is undeniable. Their beauty, their sensuality, is intact and in place. How awesome, how incredible, and how right it is!

How did we get here?  Here, in our bodies? Why can’t we be the free, powerful, awesome energy that floats in harmony with the universe?

It’s because we signed up for this mission, even though we may not remember doing it. We signed up for the mission of being constrained by our bodies, but living a life free in spirit. This is not easy. Why would we do that?

When our spirit was free, it was easy to say, ‘yes, I can do that!’ Now in human form we face a huge challenge, but also an opportunity. How do we strike the balance between body and spirit - between earthly things and spiritual knowing?  How do we co-exist between the two worlds?

For each of us it is different, a different path or a different journey. The best place to start is by being true to you, to yourself, to your heart, and to your soul. This will help you uncover your true purpose for being in this physical form. This is an important discovery, as no two purposes are exactly the same. Listen to your inner self, and be open to the answers it delivers.

I have had so many clients who are interested in finding their path, their mission, or their purpose. We are all seeking answers. Even though it seems overwhelming, the answer simply lies within you. Facilitating my clients to discover, deep within themselves, their life’s purpose is something I really enjoy doing. However, the reality is that each of you can also find your truth. With an ongoing practice of meditation, your ability to connect with your inner wisdom will blossom. How you spend your time is your choice.  If you choose to take the time to be with your innermost self and listen on an ongoing basis, you will be rewarded.

How do you achieve the ability to live life freely in spirit while being constrained by your human body? By mastering your mind and emotions! You cannot live freely in spirit, when your mind and emotions run the show. You have to choose things, people, activities, thoughts, and emotions that bring your body and spirit into balance.  Living in spiritual balance does take practice, but it is something definitely worth striving for.

As you look at the evening sky tonight, visualize your spirits floating through the clouds and sky.  Which do you identify with? Which inspires you to be all that you can be? Let that one, the higher calling of your true spiritual self to enter your being.

Allow yourself to become one with who you really are – Spirit!  

 “I am a Divine, Empowered, Spiritual Being. It is so!”

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