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       August 2010

Is It Time To Recharge Your Batteries?

How often do you feel run down or tired in the middle of the day? Do you just keep pushing yourself, because you think that is what you are supposed to do?

Wrong! If your body is telling you that it is tired or exhausted, honor it. Recognize it as a call that you need to respond to, regardless of the reason for that call. Being tired in the middle of the day is your body’s way of saying, “Hey remember me?  Take care of me. Right now I am exhausted. I need a rest. Please honor me.”

So you’ve gotten the call, now the question becomes, “What will you do about it?” Most will ignore it, and push through it day after day. Others may recognize the call, but think that resting or sleeping is a waste of time. The truth is that sleep is a very productive time for your body, mind, emotions, and spirit!

My preference has always been to honor the body’s condition. If your body is tired, let it rest.  Give it a 20 minute nap. Honor the call.

If you are not where you can comfortably nap, take a 10 minute break and either sit outside in the sunshine or just close your eyes and relax.  Take in a few deep breaths from your lower belly repeating to yourself rejuvenating words like restore, renew, or revive.

Another great practice is regular meditation, which restores your mind, body, and spirit.  Meditation gives you and your body more energy for the entire day, helping eliminate the need for unexpected rests!

It is common when someone is diagnosed with a serious disease, to become easily tired.  Several of my clients have shared that while they were in this type of situation they didn’t feel comfortable resting. They felt they had to keep up a normal routine, pushing themselves to maintain their old pace. Whether their reasons were because of pride, keeping up appearances, or being in denial, their bodies didn’t handle the pushing well.  Their symptoms became worse, and a serious feeling of exhaustion set in, which even affected mental clarity.

When they allowed themselves to rest when they needed to and to sleep a little longer at night, their bodies responded. The healing work they were doing started to propel, and they actually had the energy to get through the day productively, despite the ‘down time’.

Why is that so?  It is well documented that your body heals and restores itself while sleeping. During deep sleep, the production of a growth hormone occurs, which speeds the absorption of nutrients and amino acids into your cells, aiding in the healing of tissues throughout your body. It also stimulates bone marrow. Because this is where white blood cells are created, it is critical to your immune system’s proper functioning.

The hormone melatonin is also produced during sleep. Melatonin inhibits tumor growth, prevents viral infections, stimulates your immune system, increases antibodies in saliva, and enhances the quality of sleep.

What about when you do not get enough sleep?  In addition to affecting hormone production, studies show that when you are sleep deprived the natural killer cells necessary to ward off diseases dramatically decrease.

There are many more benefits of sleep and honoring your body through rest.  When you are rested and relaxed, you have so much more to offer!  Because you have a clearer mind, you will make decisions more easily and quickly. You will feel more in tune with the very rhythm of life, you will see your stress diminishing, and your sense of well being increasing!

So, the next time you feel tired, at a time when you shouldn’t, honor it. Allow your body to recharge. It will thank you!

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