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       August 2009

A Word on Acceptance

All of us have had disappointments in our lives. We have worked hard for something that just didn’t happen - like a promotion, or a job offer. Many of us have had an unforeseen event or accident occur that renders us helpless.

When you are faced with a life experience that isn’t what you expected, consider the power of acceptance. That’s right, plain old ‘acceptance’.

It is easy to accept life when everything goes your way, but most of us tend to resist when the tide shifts, therefore not accepting things as they really are.  Often the most powerful life lessons come from these times. You learn about yourself, what you are capable of, and what you have to offer others.  Remember, everything is in perfect working order from your soul’s perspective.  Since you do not have that perspective, it is best to accept the moment and let go of your expectations.

You may think that things are not working, because it is not what you had planned or expected. You then complicate the process by resisting – due to the expectations that you have created.

You may feel that if you are good and follow your truths that nothing bad will happen. You then can feel frustrated and betrayed when ‘bad’ things happen. I’d like to offer another perspective. There are no bad experiences. What appears bad is only the result of your perceptions and classifications about a situation at a particular moment in time.

Have you ever looked back on a so-called ‘bad experience’, only to see that a new direction followed? This experience probably changed your path, creating something that was so much better for you.  It is not easy for us to recognize the bigger picture in the moment, but our soul can. Remember everything that at first appears bad, always has a gift inside for you.

You may also feel as if you have been ‘stopped’ from moving forward. Your progression probably isn’t halted but rather, you are finding a new direction.  

As your soul grows and evolves there are always ‘tests of faith’. These can often feel like a struggle, however, to your soul it is an advancement, which you often complicate by resisting. As easy as it is to fall into a pattern of resisting or getting upset, it won’t change the situation. So, why not switch that pattern and support your soul’s advancement through acceptance.

Here is a message that I received in a meditation the last time I was faced with a ‘why me’ experience which was leaving me angry and in despair... “Do not be hurt or angry when your soul is following its natural course of direction.”

Therefore, when things are not going your way, let it be so. But how? How do you find acceptance?

First: Surrender the need to change it.  Surrender the need to question it. Surrender the expectation of how it should be. Surrender the need to ask, "Why is this happening to me?" Just accept that this is what is supposed to be happening right now.

Second: Quiet yourself. All answers come to a quiet, harmonious mind.  Peace comes to you when you accept it. Peace cannot be forced or willed, it must be experienced. Wealth in all forms comes easily when you acknowledge, accept, and appreciate all that you have been given. Accept your plight as an opportunity to learn and move forward. Do not view it as an obstacle. See the opportunities in your available directions, and accept them as they are.

Third: Release the need and frustration of what it is not available at this time. Let go of what is not working and move forward. Do not dwell on what you are leaving behind, if you do, it will only hinder your new opportunities. Remember the future is always greater than the past.

A great exercise to help you visualize and release attachments is to see each thing or thought inside a balloon. Focus in on the color, the size, and even the shape of each balloon. Then see your hand holding the strings. Slowly release each balloon, watching them fade away into a cloudless blue sky.

My final word on the topic of acceptance is to allow the process of your life to unfold gracefully. Acceptance allows this to happen. Choose acceptance and you will receive the gift of all that is suppose to be!

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