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        April 2017

Plants and Animals are Spirit Too
Judgments Keep Us in Separation

When a flower or plant gives its life to be a part of a bouquet, it is a gift that should be respected and honored. Those flowers agreed to be the ‘florist flowers,’ meaning they agreed to be cut/severed, so that we can buy them and enjoy them. This is their agreed to purpose. The idea is that if I buy fresh cut flowers, I am not only pleasing myself but I also want to honor the path and purpose of these flowers and their journey on this earthly plane. If no one buys them and enjoys them, their purpose is less fulfilled.

When we decide to gift our home with a fresh bouquet, I feel it is important to enjoy them and as we do to thank them for giving their life so that we can enjoy their beauty.

There are so many life forms that agreed spiritually to be in this world to support us; domestic pets are an obvious example. When we consider that all domestic pets agreed to be in their little furry bodies to support and love us, it means that all are worth giving a home to: those who are rescued, professionally and intentionally bred, wander onto our door step, and pets that are received as gifts. All need a home. Let’s value all of our domestic animals.

Spiritually pets have agreed to come into the earthly plane in animal form for a certain purpose. All have God's spiritual spark within them - just like you and I.

The same applies to all animals and vegetables that agreed to be grown or bred to provide us food – to nourish us. This is their agreed to purpose. All are spirit – just like you and I.

To me it is incredible that a form of God spirit would agree to be created and grow to be killed for human benefit. We owe a lot of gratitude and respect to these life forms that many consider less than or dispensable.

Let's take this discussion to the human level. Someone who is homeless is often considered less than someone who has a successful career. Yet, both have God's spark within them. Both have agreed to come into this earthly plane for a certain purpose. Both are spirit – just like you and I.

As I step back and look at this it seems like our judgment about the value of others, plants, or animals gets in the way of us seeing the soul that each of us are. Quite frankly these judgments can also keep us in separation, when our origin is unity – we are all spirit; all one.

Remember not to judge which spiritual soul is better or more deserving than another. Each of us has a divine right to exist and to be cared for.

All is one with the Divine. Divine source energy is in all animals, plants, rocks, water, trees, and each of us. We are one.


This month honors Earth day. A day of respecting and honoring all that is a part of the earth. I hope this article did that in a special way. Love to you.

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