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         April 2013

The Winds of Change

The Winds of Change - the Winds of Spring. The stirring up of powerful energies by the winds is incredible. It has my total attention. It is persistent, but not demanding. I feel it; I know it; I am it. I am the change. We are the change.
At some point, we all want someone or something to save us, to change things in our life, to save the world, to change the world.
Spiritually I have been guided to understand how it starts with a single person. Changing yourself changes all that is around you.
Although this is a principle I have lived and worked with for many of years, it has recently taken on a deeper meaning. Understanding is not enough. One must work with this as a founding basis of their life. It is able to really sing and take hold when processed from your heart and soul, the true essence of who you are. Combined with the knowledge that you are both sacred and Divine, the deepest part of you comes to a full understanding that you are entitled and worthy of a life full of health, abundance, freedom, and joy. When you claim this understanding for yourself with your own spiritual authority, you become the change.
No one can do it for you. No one can change your thinking or the emotions you hold onto but yourself. You have to choose to put down the anger or fear and instead embrace peace. It is not easy to change old habit ways of being, but the rewards are plentiful. It is a process that your ego self my struggle with, as you heal your inner child.  Additionally, a focus must be placed on mastering and maintaining the change from within.
When you embrace this journey, you feel better and more at ease with yourself. What is wonderful is how the world around you will also begin change. Your relationships will become more loving, supportive, and accepting. You will see the world differently even though it is the same place, but your lenses have changed.  
Things that once mattered simply won’t. As others live their human driven lives, you exist softly, floating at a higher level. What used to spin you up, or put fear and anger into you, no longer will.  You become free. You can make conscious choices. It feels incredibly wonderful.  You are standing in your own power.  When you want someone to take care of you, make decisions for you, or save you, you are giving away your personal power.
The beauty is when each of us realizes that we are the change, and focuses on changing what is not healthy in our own way of being; the entire world will change.
When you realize that the answer has been you and what is inside of you all along, the flower opens and the sun rises. You can live with joy and purposeful empowerment. When you change yourself, everything around you changes as well. How powerful you are. Amen.

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