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       April 2008

Allow Yourself To Be Nurtured

As I sit on the beach in the early evening, the wind comes up from the surf. It is strong steady and billowing. It almost shakes me from my grounded seat on Mother Beach. It starts to rattle my core. Interestingly enough, it feels okay. In fact, it feels invigorating, cleansing, and renewing. 

How many times do we sit with nature and allow the elements to work with us, heal us, and give us gifts? This experience happened to be just what I needed at that particular time.  I was not even aware that it was needed, until I received it!

Normally if you’re alone on the beach, you might find yourself on the cell phone or too preoccupied with your thoughts to be in that individual moment within nature. The operative word here is allow. That means to still your thoughts, relax, and just let whatever happens to occur.

Have you ever let the sun warm you all the way down to your core?  Have you experienced a moment when that warmth was able to lift you from the blues or exhaustion? Now that is restorative energy!

What about the experience of a cool breeze, gently flowing over you bringing a sense of calm and gentle love. Didn’t all your stress or worries seem to drift away with it?

We live on a planet where God has given us wondrous friends in nature, in animals, in the universal elements (air, fire, water, earth) and in the heavenly bodies of the moon, sun and stars. Yet, most of us ignore their very presence, let alone benefit from the gifts they bring.

I like to tune into the unique energy of the nature that surrounds me, whatever that maybe in that moment. Breathing slowly, I connect with my heart and then to the magnolia tree, the lily pad, or the mockingbird. I know that there is not an accident in these animals or plants being with me, at this precise moment. I know that they are able to assist and support me, since pearls of wisdom from nature are always on target and beneficial.

Recently, I was at a colleague’s home overlooking the Intercoastal.  Suddenly a white egret showed up on the dock. I asked if egrets were common there. He said no, and that he had never seen one before. The egret stayed perched on the dock until I left.  I knew that the egret showed up just for me. I tapped into its energy discovering a message that was exactly what I needed in that moment.

As I am writing, I am sitting on my patio and the crickets are lulling me into another space within myself. Try clearing your mind and listening to their constant drone. Let this vibration take you some place else, as the night air moves with a gentle breeze. When you return, you might be surprised to learn that 30-40 minutes have passed! What a great stress reducer. What an awesome way to gently slide into a meditation.

I find that these moments with nature are both intimate and nurturing.  When you were little, who else but Mom lulled you to sleep?  Didn’t she relax you when you were upset?  And wasn’t she always there when you needed love and affection?

Mother Nature…Mother Earth…. There is no accident in those names. Mothers nurture. Mothers ground and stabilize. Mothers renew.  Mothers soothe with loving caresses.

Be nurtured. Be attended to. Be embraced. I invite you to spend time this week with Mother Nature and allowing the intimate nurturing that is meant just for you, to unfold.

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