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        April 2007

Sacred Paths
Part 1 of 2

I have shared before on the risk of living in constant multitasking. You may remember things like, “When you do this you don’t give God the space needed to communicate with you,” or “You have no time to spend with yourself and establish a relationship with yourself,” and so on….

However, today I am going to propose something that may seem contradictory - how to use everyday activities as sacred time by multitasking. I refer to these activities as Sacred Paths or Prayer Paths.

It is important to still ourselves, listen to God’s voice and our own knowing. This generally requires the important practice of meditation, which means carving time out of our schedule. To save time, why not be smart and engage in the flipside of sacred time - the side that includes talking to God, engaging in affirmations, intention setting, praying for self and others, offering up praise, glory, and thanksgiving - while doing an activity such as walking.

I started to use my morning walk as a sacred path several years ago. The sacred path at that time was intentionally sending love and light to every person that I could think of, during the course of my walk.  Starting first with my family members, followed by close friends, and so on. Through this practice, it was possible to complete an activity that takes time, every day.  Thereby spreading the higher vibration of love and light to many.

I was clearly rewarded several months later by a message in my meditation, that this practice was contributing to many, as well as myself. You know, what goes around, comes around. I label this sacred path as ‘The Path of Sharing Love and Light’. I walked it every day.

I began to broaden my daily path to include saying hello and sending love to the beautiful trees, flowers, and birds on my path.

Then I started to send love and light to those who I was in conflict with, current or past. Then those that I felt might need the support of love and light even if I didn’t know them, such as public figures. The path of sharing love and light continued to blossom and grow, along with my positive energy!

Since that time several years ago, I have diversified and added several other paths to my practice of walking in sacred time. I still engage in the sharing love and light path, but not everyday.

I call the next sacred path – ‘Honoring Mother Earth’. I focus myself entirely in the present and concentrate my attention on my footsteps. Once mentally in sync with them, I honor mother earth with each footstep. Thank you Earth mother for providing me a home in this lifetime. I acknowledge you with each step I take. I am aware of my feet touching your sacred vibration.” Then with each step I say, “I honor you, I honor you. I love you, I love you. I acknowledge you, I acknowledge you. I respect you and your wisdom, I respect you and your wisdom. Because we are all one, I represent all people on this earth. My honoring raises the vibration by remembering you and respecting you.” I do this type of step-by-step honoring path for my entire walk. It’s truly a physical meditation.

Mother earth has been ignored, forgotten and abused by us. I encourage you to add this sacred path to your practice once a week.

It is so hard to carve out the time for healthy activities in our busy life. The spiritual practice of sending prayers, love and honoring to others and the earth is something we can do while during other activities. Rather than skip this sacred work, incorporate it into your routine. Use the time you are on the treadmill, riding your bike, waiting in line, on hold on the phone, or driving your car.

Next month, I will share other sacred paths that you can incorporate into your life. Walk your sacred path - I know you will feel good about the experience.

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