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        September 2017

If I Am Healing And Growing Spiritually, Why Do I Feel Depressed?

Part of the healing and spiritual ascension process is releasing and transmuting all patterns, beliefs, and habits that no longer serve us. At some level, this feels freeing as your load is lightened, and it feels great.

And then a little later, you may feel sad, depressed, or down for no discernable reason at all.

You may wonder why you feel so down when you just shifted a bunch of old, negative, unwanted stuff from yourself and your body.

If you feel or have felt this way, you are not alone.

Although you want to be rid of the old, there are aspects of you - the inside of you - that are used to your old habits. On some level, it can feel like a loss or even despair, as this habit is no longer present.

During this time, you may find yourself deeply questioning your journey and how to move forward.
The inside aspects of you may feel like: “Now, what should I do or how am I to be?” This is because your old beliefs/habit ways of being are gone. Usually, this energy will not stay for long - maybe a day or two at the most. But in some cases, these feelings can linger longer.

If you find yourself experiencing this, try the following meditation exercise:

1. Quiet yourself with your breath and ask the inside of you: Why are you sad? What is causing the despair?

2. When you get an answer, work with it. Communicate and understand all of the concerns. Share another perspective that is healthier with the inside of you.

3. Give the inside of you a new way of being. It is very important to give the habit part of you a new and healthier habit to hold on to.

3. Honor what is happening inside of you. Allow the loss process to unfold and complete. Be gentle with yourself. Say or think to yourself, "This too will pass."

It is important to remember that you were created with four aspects of you: body self, emotional self, mental self, and spiritual self. To be successful with change and transformation, it is helpful to have all aspects involved and comfortable with the new way of being. Without this, you could experience a resistance that is disproportionate with what is going on, but undeniably real and present.

If you include processing with all parts of you throughout your journey, you will put yourself way ahead and eliminate much of the potential sadness, confusion, or depression that can arise.

I hope this is helpful to you.

Lots of love - Alice

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