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        September 2015

The Power of Intention

I strongly suggest that you use intention in your life, if it is not already a regular part of your personal work. When used in the proper manner, intention can set the tone and direction for your day, your life, your decisions, your healing, and so much more. Best of all, using intention works - especially when you get out of your own way and allow the process to unfold!

The energy of the Universe has gradually been changing and uplifting to where exerting effort and trying hard no longer yields results – in fact it has the opposite effect – a blocking effect! It actually blocks you from attaining your desires.

There are many reasons why this is happening, but the biggest is that ‘trying hard and efforting’ is a hard energy. Hard energy is oppositional to easily receiving gifts from God and the Universe - blocking your ability to achieve your desires. I know this first hand, because I have experienced it many times in the past, until I finally got the message! Setting intention and allowing aligns you with the Universal co-creation flow.

Intention and allowing, paired with trust works in amazing ways. To achieve this you must set your intention with trust and then let it go allowing God and the Universe to support the manifestation in your life.

This means you have to let go of worries like whether the intention will manifest, or when it will. Worrying that it won’t happen places your creative focus on a less than positive outcome – interfering with an intention’s ability to become part of the present. When you work with intention, make sure to dump your worries and practice trust fully. If this is difficult, then begin with intention work on smaller, less important things to gain complete trust in the process. Once you see how wonderfully it works, it will be easier to move into using intention with trust for more complex issues in your life.

I have been guided to use and teach a specific format for intention work, that I am happy to share. I’d like to encourage you to work with a similar format as it embraces the art of allowing and trust – while declaring your intention clearly.

The format is as follows – pay special attention to the bolded text: I intend, that if it is for the greater good of all, that I easily attract like-minded people to me. The reason I feel I want this is because it would uplift my spirit, and allow me to find a sense of community that is a fit for who I am right now. Thank you God, for this or something even better.

Why this format?

Declaring that ‘if it is for the greater good of all’, immediately puts you in alignment with all that is, the Universe, and God. When you are in alignment, your intentions naturally happen more easily. If for some reason the intention doesn’t manifest, you know that it was not for the greater good of all, in this moment in time.

Stating the reason you feel you want this, gives God and the Universe an understanding of why this is important to you. This opens the possibilities for new ways to accomplish your intention – as there are many solutions to every problem. It shows your openness to the Universe to finding another way to give you what you want!

Thanking God ‘for this or something even better’, accomplishes two important things:
          1. When you thank God for it before it happens you acknowledge that it is happening/has happened. This speeds up manifestation to you as it shows that you trust the co-creation process.

          2. When you thank God for this or something even better, you allow the Universe the opportunity to give you what you want in a different but better way! It shows that you are open to the possibility that there are other ways to meet the intention’s goal and expresses your openness for the best solution possible. It is easy to have a narrow view or limited solutions to a given situation – unaware of just how endless the possibilities are. God and the Universe have the full view of everything that is possible, and this wording helps us to remain open to those answers. For me, I find that opening up intention this way helps bring vastly different and vastly more positive solutions to manifest within my intention work.

Finally, think through your intention carefully, speak it out loud, and then let it go. Do not say it again. If you accidently say the words differently, the Universe may have to start over again with the manifestation process. Also, saying it once and releasing it shows trust. Do not worry about it – but instead enjoy your life and see what happens next!

I use intention to set the direction of my meditations, my healing work both with myself and for my clients, and I use it daily in my life. I like to start each day with an intention. It sets the tone for how my day will be! Moreover, I always use intention when I have a challenge in front of me, as it helps the challenge to be minimal and create a positive outcome.

I invite you to consciously use intention every day. You will be amazed at the results!

Love to you - Alice

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