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        October 2016

Awaken to Your True Purpose

In Native American Traditions, birds are spiritual messengers. Often, they bring messages from deceased loved ones or supply wonderfully inspired messages to guide your path. I have learned over the years to pay attention when a bird shows up for me, as it is often fulfilling its role as a messenger.

The first time I experienced a bird as a messenger, it was a big black bird uncommon in the area I was living. It flew in, sat on the railing of my balcony, and would caw over and over. I would go out and chase it away, but it would always return.

After this occurred for a while, I got the deep knowing that maybe this bird was trying to get my attention for some reason. So I quieted myself and connected with this bird through my heart. I asked if it had a message for me. It immediately stopped cawing and I received 7 words, “Stop worrying. It will hurt your cause.” Once the message was received, the bird flew off. I never saw that bird, or a bird like it, again in my area.

What was amazing was how that message was the perfect advice for me, at that juncture of my life. I’d been worrying about whether something important would occur or not. If I’d continued to worry, it would have ‘hurt my cause’, as my creative juices would have been focused on worries instead of positive outcomes. The message from black bird was very important to me.

Fast forward to 2016.

At sunrise, a mourning dove woke me with its constant call. When I could no longer ignore it, I got up and looked out of my window. The dove was in a tree near my bedroom and I knew it was trying to tell me something. The message was to ‘awaken to your true purpose’. My immediate reaction was confusion - I felt I was being my purpose already. I asked for additional guidance and the below is a re-telling of the conversation I had with Morning Dove and what I received. I hope it inspires you on your journey to connect with your true purpose.

Alice: What does ‘awaken to your true purpose’ mean?
Dove: It means becoming who you authentically are. It means letting yourself express what is natural for you and in a way that is natural for you. Express, be, and do what your Spiritual Self longs for.
Note: This means, being intimate with your natural spiritual self - letting this aspect express through you in all ways, versus your human ego mind and persona.

Alice: Can I have some examples for my daily life?
Dove: Create and live your life without a schedule and be in the moment. Everyone can do this at least partially.
Note: The idea I was given was to block off time each day or a few times a week without a specific thing planned, During this time I do whatever excites me the most in that moment.
Dove: Express yourself creatively, without reservation. Do not worry about how you appear to others or what they may think. Do not worry about whether your creative expression ends up making money for you or not. Do not worry about whether you are "wasting time". Have fun doing what excites you!

Alice: I thought I was moving into this way of being?
Dove: You can up your game. Does what you do each day bring you joy? If not, what does? Think about this carefully. What kernel of your life excites you, motivates you, or gets you moving? Is it planning and planting your new garden? Is it fixing something that needs repair? Is it researching a topic of interest to you? Is it journaling with yourself? Is it painting, writing, or being with nature? Is it writing a song and then singing it? Is it sharing some aspect of yourself with others? Is it being part of a community project? Is it pruning and shaping a tree or shrub until it is perfectly beautiful? Is it collecting shells on the beach or rocks in the river bed? Whatever it is, allow yourself to spend more time doing this.

Alice: This feels more about allowing the inside of me to guide me - which may not feel like a purpose to most people.
Yes, and isn’t it interesting how it is everyone’s purpose to stop being and doing what the world dictates, and to be who they are naturally born to be. This is the most important purpose! It does not matter what comes of your expression or if anyone else even knows about it. What matters is that you express the true you - the ‘I AM’ in you. Allow yourself to be your creative expression which springs from your heart's passion. I AM MY PASSION! When you become your passion, you will also be more light-hearted and joyful every day!

Alice: This seems like an important message to share?
Yes – share! Regardless of who you are, what your age is, or where you live: Your true purpose is being you. What a delightful discovery - you now have permission to just be you!

As you read this article, you also now have permission to just be you – awaken to your true purpose!

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