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        November 2016

Fear of Aging

As we age, we gradually let go of many of our common childhood fears such as whether we are popular, or the best athlete. But lo and behold new fears can show up to take their place!

If you are honest with yourself, the fear of growing old has likely been present for a long time. It is one of the most common fears, as it is linked with our mortality and independence.

Health is always a concern, but even the healthiest person begins to have fearful thoughts about it as they age. Fear that I will not be well; fear that health issues will never go away or will get worse; and the fear of being alone and unable to care for myself.

Mobility can be a concern. Will I have difficulty moving and getting things done? How will everything be taken care of if my mobility is limited? There is also the concern of losing mental mobility. Will I be able to figure things out and discern what is really going on?

And of course there is always the fear of dying, which can also manifest as fear of losing loved ones, or being fearful of the possibility of a painful end of life.

I have used quite a bit of this article to express negative fears, which I usually do not like to focus on, because it is extremely important to transform each and every one of these fears that are a part of you.

Fear can actually help create – bring your fears into reality. Every thought/emotion you hold, creates. So if you put your creative force on what you do not want, you are creating the possibility that it will occur. Now that's a wake-up call!

The first and most important step to transforming your fears is to really understand, know, and embrace who you really are. You are not a victimized human. You are a spiritual, divine empowered being who chose to have a human experience in this lifetime. You are not your body, or your mind and emotions. You are a spark of God who is housed in your body for the duration of this life.

When you really get your head, heart and body wrapped around this TRUTH, it becomes easier to release all fears! And remember, the only thing that is real and true is the energy of love and the present moment. Fear and all fear derivatives are man-made. This means that you created them, which also means you can un-create them! The power to change your fears lies with you.

If your fears are deeply rooted in the past, cellular level healing may be needed before you can master and un-create them. However, many fears can be adjusted by you, without assistance from a healing facilitator.

The process to un-create your fears:
Step 1: Acknowledge it is there. In a scared and deep place within yourself, confront it. Ask it, “Why are you here? Is there a lesson for me to learn from you?” Work through what you discover.
Step 2: Confront the fear with your divine empowered authority. Tell it “It must leave. You are making me unhealthy. I am in charge now, and you must leave.” (Sometimes it is helpful to explain that it will be taken into the light to be transformed into something beautiful.)
Step 3: Notice where in your body the fear is located. Ask the violet fire energies of transformation to help transform the fear density in this part of your body into light.
Step 4: Replace it with the opposite of what the fear was. Example: "I am safe and healthy until the day that I transition from this life!" Now that is a thought you want operating inside of you!
Step 5: Reinforce your new creative thought by affirming it out loud frequently each day for a few weeks.

It is very possible to live fear free, you just need to decide to do something about it!

Love to you - Alice

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