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        May 2015


Does anyone think of kindness anymore? When was the last time you encountered a truly kind person? When was the last time that you slowed down enough to be truly kind to whoever was in your personal space - even if they instill in you impatience or other energies that you do not want to embody?

Over the past year, I had the gift of encountering two people who were so very kind that it struck me at the core that I needed to step it up a little in that direction - or maybe a lot in that direction!

It felt so good to be in the presence of a kind person. It warmed all parts of me. What a gift being kindness is to all in our world.

What happened to kindness? Why is it no longer in vogue or valued? And why does it still hold an awesome response vibrationally when we receive or give kindness?

Among the foundational religions of the world, kindness is a virtue. I thought the virtues were faith, hope and charity - how did kindness slip in the back door?

In both the old and new testament, kindness to another is considered more important than honoring God with ceremony, ritual, or prayers. This is so huge, as it is totally missing from our social life today. We need to put it back in!

Wouldn't it be transformational if each of us was kind to every person we encountered? If everyone operated from a place of kindness, there would be no wars, there would be no violence, there would be no jealousy, and there would be no manipulation or control.

Remember my experience of feeling warm when in the presence of kind person? Well one of the synonyms of kindness is warmth and warm-heartedness! Kindness comes from warmth and spreads warmth to others.

For each of us, inner reflection related to our kindness to others is important. Ask yourself, “How can I incorporate the energy of kindness in my life?” Start small and then expand outward. The gift in doing this, is that kindness will soon be a part of you. It will happen effortlessly - as it should.

So take a deep breath in, exhale, and then say the following to yourself:

I am kind
I am concerned, I care, and I am interested
I am warmhearted and I exude warmth
I love being kind
I have lots of time to be kind
Being kind makes me feel great
I love reinstalling kindness into our planet - person by person, encounter by encounter
I am kind

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