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        March 2016

Can I live with it on an ongoing basis?

Yes the chaotic energy in the world can be challenging to cope with. If you are like me, I feel like I am in a pretty good place within myself - but what goes on around me and in our world can be very unsettling, interrupting, and/or disturbing.

How do we live in harmony while the state of existence of the world feels like chaos?

The answer is to learn as you go – because there isn’t one solution that will fit every person and situation.

Every year that we embrace our spiritual state of being - our vibration is uplifted higher. Although this is the best way to live, it also makes us more sensitive to agitating, lower vibrating energies.

To maintain harmony and balance - do what you have to do to stay whole. Take action to respect your boundaries. If you are staying in a hotel and there is a party going on next door, it is okay to talk to the front desk to politely inform them of the issue. Likely they will address the issue or you can ask to move to a different room – putting space between yourself and the noise. Another course of action would be playing meditation music near you, helping to block out unwanted noise for more calming tones. But it all relies on you taking action to honor your needs.

We cannot change the world or change other people’s actions, but we can change how we interact and react. We can act on what best fits us and our needs – to more easily live within harmony.

I have lived in a heavily populated area of South Florida on and off for almost 3 years. It has been an adjustment from the sleepy towns I have often called home. Since sound travels, I am surrounded by the constant hum of a busy world and less than holistic life styles. At first I was angry. It felt like I was being intentionally disrespected by my neighbors. With time, I came to understand that I wasn’t being disrespected – my neighbors were just living out their lives in a way that was natural to them.

It became my lesson and each day I’m in this space I set the intention that, "I am in balance no matter where I live and what is around me. I control my state of mind and emotions. All is in divine order."

Through my own actions, I am able to live in harmony with chaos surrounding me. It is here that I am calmly typing this article – as it gave me the inspiration to share this way of being with you.

Bottom line: We cannot change others or their habits. We can change ourselves and how we think and feel about it. We can change our boundaries and change how and where we live. If things are not feeling harmonious – it could be the Universe saying, "Hey maybe you do not belong here." Or it could be a message for a new lesson for you to master – a chance to look inside yourself and evaluate your role in the disharmony.

Each solution to live in harmony may be different given the situation – but it applies to all areas of our life. This requires that we be conscious of our thoughts, emotions, attachments, and choices. There are so many options in life, so take time to make the best possible choice while embracing your harmony.

Need help finding your harmony? Meditate on these affirmations and honor what feels right for you.
• I embrace what makes me the most happy and peaceful.
• I embrace what inspires me to be all that I can be.
• I embrace love, gratitude, acceptance and forgiveness.
• I embrace loving myself and giving me what is best for me.
• I embrace me.

When you are able to fully embrace your harmony – the chaos either will leave your space or simply will no longer have an impact on you. Either way – you will be in harmony and enjoying every moment of it.

Love to you - Alice

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