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          March 2014

Negativity: Should I avoid or embrace?

I used to think the best course of action was to avoid all negativity and surround myself with peace and balance each day. This was the way of being I embraced in my life.

Why would someone knowingly expose themselves to negative or fearful people, situations, and movies? Fear plays havoc within the body, which ultimately causes health issues.

For several years, I lived with this approach. I was successful at keeping myself in peace and harmony most all of the time.

Then, I was guided to energetically help transform negative power structures, systems, organizations, and people on this planet to a higher level. To accomplish this I needed to expose myself to their energies. Wow! It wasn’t extreme, but the feelings of fear, anger, and vulnerability were a new part of my life.

I thought, “How could this be, when I already worked through all of this.” Nevertheless, here it was back again. What I learned was that there was a higher spiritual purpose to witness in both the negative and positive aspects of life. The goal is to do so without judgment or emotional charge.

It is a posture of not avoiding the negative, but instead experiencing it, embracing it, or witnessing it when it enters your life experience. It is truly a higher level of self-mastery.

A lot of us witness financial and political events, only to be constantly spun up in feelings of anger, disappointment, and futility. A lot of us also avoid all of it; keeping safe in our cocoons.

We are here to live and experience life, not to shield ourselves from it. The secret is to have emotional detachment while honoring all, even those who are playing a negative role. All are a part of the process of growth and understanding.

Think about it: The best teachers in life are those that gave us the most negative experiences – offering a catalyst for our growth. It isn’t about seeking negative experiences, but instead it is about not turning away from negativity when it enters our experience either directly or through what we witness (in person, movies, internet, books, etc).

What I teach in my workshops and ongoing spiritual groups is to bless those who seem to be creating negativity, pain, or disrespect. They are also on this planet, having their own human experience. Bless them and their journey. Moreover, put it into perspective – bless yourself that your journey is yours and not theirs – so to speak.

We are all one - the good, the bad, and the ugly – as the saying goes. Maybe a person or institution who increasingly does harm is spiritually present to wake us up. Maybe they are mirroring something for us to learn. Maybe they are just a soul, like you and me, who is struggling.

This does not mean that we condone abusive behaviors. It means blessing the soul within that person or institution. We do not hold judgments towards them, allowing them to be as they need to be.

Step out to allow yourself to witness and experience the ‘bad’ as well as the ‘good’ when it shows up in your life. Try to no longer avoid it. Allow it to be there without any judgment or emotional attachment. When you do, you move to a higher level of self mastery and spiritual growth - experiencing peace.

I bless myself; I bless those who appear negative. We are all part of the same mosaic. The mosaic to bring about change and uplift our quality and way of life.

Many blessings to you.
Love - Alice

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