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          March 2013

What is your true essence?

While sitting in the greenery of nature that surrounds my home, I visually enjoy the variety of textures, tones, and hues. I quietly inhale the scents and I feel the quiet, powerful energy around me. In this setting, I am able to relax a little more than usual. As I do, the difference in texture and variety of the green plants and trees stand out more vividly than before.  I sense their uniqueness.

I ask blue cedar, “Why are you here?” Blue cedar says, “I am here to bring comfort and joy.” I ask green hemlock the same question. Green hemlock says, “I am here to create interest and creativity to my surroundings.” Wow! This made me stop and consider – what do I bring to this life, our planet, my community, and friends? What is my essence?

We all have an essence - our true, authentic, core essence, but have we stepped into it?  What is yours?

Johnny makes everyone who walks in the door of an establishment that he frequents feel welcomed, acknowledged, important, and loved. It is his true essence to be this way. He may not even be aware of this and the positive impact he has on others, he just is this way.

Kay’s essence is her constant eternal bright, sunny disposition. Others light up when they are in her positive attitude and energy.

Marie’s essence is to accept others as they are.  It is one of her special gifts.  Never judging.

Linda’s essence is to emanate love and light to the world, despite what she is doing each day.

What is your true essence?

Many years ago, I learned that a key part of my essence was being in the energy of ‘courage to care.’ When I am in this way of being I take risks, I step out of the norm, I speak out from my heart, I care to make a difference, and I am my passion. When I am standing in my essence, I have a huge impact on others - on how they think and lead their lives.

As I am reflecting on this in the greenery of my surroundings, I feel strongly that I want to go further in. That discovery was well over 10 years ago. A lot has happened in the evolution of me. I ask hemlock and cedar for help as I center myself within my heart.

I receive, “Yes, it is still my essence to speak from my heart, and I do so more easily and naturally now. Yes, I do this with the energy of making a difference for others, but now there is something more.” After a pause of quiet anticipation I realize, that my essence now includes being my own divine self. Ahhh…. The simplicity and centering of this energy is so very exquisite.

We are all unique like the hemlock and the blue cedar. What is your true essence? What is unique about you?

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